Who We Are

New England Interactive Literature (NEIL) is a volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that sponsors some of the many LARPing events in New England. As an organization, NEIL consists solely of a small Board of Directors that manages the global decisions and budgets for the larger group of events and volunteers.

NEIL is the necessary legal construct needed to protect our ability to continue running our LARP conventions, conferences, and other sponsored events. You don't "join" NEIL or sign up as a "member".

While it's likely you'll find NEIL board members deeply involved in a lot of New England LARPing events, they're a small minority, and they're not interested in running everything. There are many more volunteers that help organize and run NEIL-sponsored events. You don't have to be a NEIL board member to run or help run a NEIL event.

It takes a lot of people to lead and to produce conventions and conferences - so why don't you offer to help?

Newcomers are always welcome - ask a NEIL board member or another volunteer for more information. A big reason that this community thrives is because new people continue to get involved, they take on responsibilities, learn from the experienced people, and give those experienced people a chance to relax or to try new things.

Take a look at the list of Intercon con-chairs and you'll see that NEIL encourages different people to step up and lead the convention. We encourage volunteers to step up and learn the faces and roles needed to help run NEIL-sponsored events. We learn from our diversity and our different experiences, and help people grow into leaders. You could end up running an Intercon or NELCO some day.

Brilliant ideas come from all over. Have one about how we can grow the New England LARP community? Please tell the NEIL board all about it. We may help to make that clever thought into a reality - with your efforts.