NEIL Board of Directors

New England Interactive Literature (NEIL) is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization with the goal of encouraging LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) throughout New England and beyond. As an organization, NEIL consists solely of a small Board of Directors that manages the global decisions and budgets for the larger group of events and volunteers.

Being a member of the NEIL Board means looking at the larger picture of LARP in New England and beyond, for the short-term and the long-term. What else should we be doing?

The goals of the NEIL Board of Directors:

There are seven voting members of the NEIL Board of Directors. The President chairs the NEIL Board. The other six voting members each serve two year terms. The Chairman of the current convention and the convention that just completed, along with a Treasurer and a Clerk, are non-voting advisors. In 2014, the NELCO chairman was added as another non-voting advisor. Other non-voting advisors may be chosen as needed.

Board Member Office Term Expires Email
Dave Kapell President 2018 david AT
Cameron Betts Board Member 2019 cambetts AT
Quinn D Board Member 2018 quinn-web AT
Jeff Diewald Board Member 2018 diewald AT
Jen Eastman-Lawrence Board Member 2019 ladyj AT
Adina Schreiber Board Member 2018 offside7 AT
Kim Sward Board Member 2019 TBD
Non-voting Advisors
Chad Bergeron Treasurer 2018 laurion AT
Stephanie Davis Clerk 2018 ssd10989 AT

Past membership of the NEIL Board can be seen on the NEIL History page.