The theme of the sixth Intercon was a tongue-in-cheek look back at the last "century" of LARP. There were more games at the con than in a long time, and more than two hundred LARPers to fill them up. There were games that celebrated all sorts of different styles, and games set in all sorts of different game periods. There was even a great display with a silly chronology of the last hundred years of LARP, poking fun at a lot of the Usual (and Unusual) Suspects.

We always had a lot of fun doing Shameless Plugs for this convention.

Con Chair: Michael McAfee
Attendance: ~215
Friday, February 28th, 2003
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7
5 PM Symposium
(first run)
6 PM Opening Ceremonies
7 PM House on the Hill It Sucks to Be You Welcome to Scearbridge: A Unique College Experience Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present An Evening of Indian Intrigue Death by Deatheast: Apocalypse Tonight? Liberty and the Price of Tea  
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM Carpathian Night Funkanomicon Zombies on Ice I
(first run)
1 AM  
2 AM  
Saturday, March 1st, 2003
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7
9 AM Grimm Tales Saturday Morning Massacre Humans vs. Monsters: Diplomacy Future's Hope Geraldine's Birthday Party  
10 AM
11 AM Prawn
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular And the Symphony Played On The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission The Original 1903 LARP - "An Evening With Clarence" The Immortal Country Malcor NERO Ravenholt: Isle of Desolation
3 PM
4 PM
5 PM
6 PM Symposium
(second run)
Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern
(first run)
7 PM  
8 PM Those Who Serve The Prince's Diamond Jubilee The Chelmsford Incident Underdog's Tavern  
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
mid Zombies on Ice I
(second run)
You'll Be Safe Here Intercon Dance Party
1 AM
2 AM  
3 AM
Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7
8 AM Nap Time
(two runs)
9 AM
10 AM A Good Day to Die Guard Up: Live Combat Workshop
11 AM Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern
(second run)
noon Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern
(third run)
Panel — the LARP
1 PM Closing Ceremonies, Shameless Plugs

A Good Day to Die

Author: John "skykam" Kammer
Players: 15-40

Captain Korthon is on his final voyage aboard the Klingon destroyer Raptor's Claw. A war hero, he is about to reach retirement without having been killed by any of his senior officers. Now on his final mission he must appoint a worthy successor before his ship is decommissioned and the crew transferred to the new prototype destroyer Venom's Bite. That has the crew uneasy. Korthon is transporting alien guests to a diplomatic conference on Regara VII. Earthers, Romulans, a Gorn no one seems able to communicate with, a Triskellion, and a Ferengi who's setting up a casino in one of the ship's storage bays. And that has the crew uneasy.

Except for disassembled weapon systems, rumors of witchcraft, picking up survivors from a Federation ghost ship, talking walls, and crew dissention this mission is sure to be a milk run. And that more than anything else has the crew uneasy.

We'll be using the Rules to Live By game system. No experience with the game system required - a rules briefing will take place before the game.

And the Symphony Played On

Author: Naomi Wixon
Players: 18-20

The forces of Hell are gaining an edge by giving humanity technology that it is not ready for, advancing the arsenals of terrorists and allowing them to turn religion against religion. The archangel of technology does not want to step in and give humanity more technology to counter the demonic influence, starting a Celestial arms race on Earth; however, it may be the only way to defend against the growing threat.

Meanwhile, some of the archangels have taken to a religion, and instead of blaming Lucifer for the conflict, are blaming the other side. Of these archangels, most believe that Christianity is the only way, and that perhaps it is time to get humanity more attuned to God for once and for all.

God has remained silent, however, worrying some and motivating others to take action. Yves, the Metatron, has called the archangels together to decide what actions should be taken on these issues. But what can be done by the archangels if God remains silent, especially with such conflict in Heaven?

Brawl at the Broken Nose Tavern

Author: Catherine Preble and Mar-Vista Enterprises LLC
Players: 10-30

The Broken Nose Bar is frequented by rival Dwarves and Barbarians, one side for Dwarves and one side for Barbarians, including separate mugs and beer. Management hired a new barmaid, but didn't instruct her properly. Her first night, she cleaned and totally mixed everything from both sides of the bar.

The only way the owner of the Broken Nose Bar has been able to keep peace between his aggressive customers is to assure them the sanctity and privacy of their own side of the bar. When they arrive at the bar the next day after the new barmaid has mixed everything up, chaos occurs. How can the bartenders bring order back to the Bar, unmix the mixed up mess that the barmaid has left, and end the animosity and brawling between the Barbarians and Dwarves?

Carpathian Night

Author: Humppaveikot
GM: Juhani "Jussi" Eronen
Players: 15-18

A shadowy multimillionaire Juri Andropov has sent invitations to eccentric celebrities all over the world from his infamous mansion in Transylvania. Mr. Andropov has, seemingly on purpose, left the intention of the of the invitations as a total mystery that will be revealed at the last moment.

Accept the invitation and board an old rusty train that will take you to the village of Pijet deep in the heart of the Carpathian mountains. The trip will continue through midwinter darkness along a lonesome road, at the end of which lives the god-forsaken eremite, Andropov.

In brief: A Hammer-horror game (not VtM), in a current-day setting, using no-rules-system.

The Chelmsford Incident

Author: Gregory Agostini and PST Productions
Players: 20-25

Every town has its share of secrets: some may have a torrid past of prostitution and gambling, others might have been involved in slavery. The secret that hides in Chelmsford is much less mundane and its consequences are much further reaching.

Nearly 300 years ago, the founding fathers of Chelmsford locked away an evil that could have destroyed mankind. This evil was sealed away in a holding vessel using ancient Native American magic and a medieval tome of arcane knowledge that has long since been lost to the ages. Upon sealing the vessel, it was buried in hallowed ground and protected by a mystical arcane rite.

As the years passed, the story of the bravery of the founding fathers faded into the stuff of legends and lore. What was once an accurate recount of fact turned into the ghost stories of the modern day mythos. As humankind reached into the 20th century, the tale was only used to frighten small children during Halloween celebrations.

It is said that the sins of the past often haunt the children of the future - this was recently proven true. During the excavation and widening of Route 3, a strange artifact was unearthed: an obelisk made from an unknown material. Embossed into it are strange symbols similar to Nordic runes. Believing that they had unearthed an ancient Nordic encampment, the town council called in resident experts from UMass Lowell and Miskatonic University. They were flabbergasted by the complexity of the craftsmanship and intrigued by the strange symbols, and they made the decision to contact more experts...

Welcome to The Chelmsford Incident, a Cthulhu Live, Modern Day Interactive Event. Come and discover the secrets of past and find out what lies in wait from the shadows. Players will take on the roles of archaeologists, scientists, the press, cultists, and members of an elite undercover agency called Delta Green. Join your fellow players for a truly unique interactive LARP event. Brought to you by PST Productions, North America's Premiere Cthulhu Live production team.

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular

Author: Michael K "Buggy" Young
Players: 14-22

Join Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide and his Circus of the Spectacular as they return to America from their TRIUMPHANT tour of Europe where they performed for Kings and Heads of State. But... The Circus is ailing financially. Can the valiant members of the Circus save the show from the clutches of the nefarious Bungling Brothers?

Death by Deatheast: Apocalypse Tonight?

Author: Chris Buck
Players: 6-20

The portents are clear... as mud. Anybody with a modicum of Astrological skill can try to tell you what it means when Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are in alignment. That same person can tell you the meaning of a full Lunar eclipse, and of the Spring Equinox. These are all very well known phenomena. That all these portents are happening tonight, all at once, is unlikely to the point of breaking rationality, and nearly unfathomable. What IS truly strange, and odd to the extreme, are the sightings of extra suns. Some say there was a blue second sun at zenith at dawn, and it remained in the sky until noon. Others disagree, saying a red sun rose at noon, and still point to it. Such sightings could mean the end of the world as we know it, but perhaps it is just a universal bad hair day.


Author: Philip B "Sir Noze" Tan
Players: 20-35

"Ha ha ha haaa! I, Sir Noze D'Voidoffunk and the Nozes, am triumphant! Behold the awesome power of the Trombipulation Army, Starchild! We're gonna tear the roof of Intercon, so come out with your asses in the air and GIVE UP THE FUNK!"

"This is Starchild to Funkenstein, uh, where's that beam-up at RIGHT NOW?!"

This is a Dance Party Game based on the bizarre lyrics and liner notes of Parliament/Funkadelic records. It parodies LARP game mechanics (e.g. the currency of the game is 'Booty', ritual incants are choruses from P-Funk tracks). Will Dr. Funkenstein manage to resurrect Clone Funk from the pyramids? Will Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk prevail with the Placebo Syndrome, or will he realize his own Funkentelechy? Who will stand in the way of the Atomic Dogs and Da Bomb?

It's really just an excuse to gather from miles around to get down.

Future's Hope

Author: Suzanne Miller, Drew Novick, and Jeannie Whited
Players: 15-22

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

the Jedi Code

Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

For a thousand generations, the Jedi Order has served the Republic. Now it is time for a new generation to learn from the old. As some Jedi Knights gather at the Temple on Coruscant to examine and select new apprentices, others return for research, reassignment, diplomacy, or simply a quiet visit home. Even the non-Jedi faces of the military and diplomatic recruiters are familiar, former trainees fate steered to other walks of life. For them, as for the Jedi, today's trainees are the future's hope.

Always in motion is the future.


Future's Hope takes place shortly before Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Geraldine's Birthday Party

Author: Margaret E. Landreth
Players: 15-20

You are invited to Geraldine's Birthday Party!

Welcome to the Brickshaw Estate, home of one of New York Society's most wealthy, respected and prominent families. Let me take your coat, the festivities will be taking place on the back lawn.

The year is 1965, and the country is in the throws of political and social change. Communism, civil rights, presidential assassinations and war are on the lips of every American. Today, however, local society is in the spotlight. Retired Senator Harold Brickshaw is throwing an 80th birthday party for his mother Geraldine, famous writer of the 1920s, and he has invited the entire Brickshaw family, close friends, and select members of the media to cover the well-publicized event.

Geraldine will not be the only focus of attention at this party. Marty Brickshaw, Harold's son, is a strong contender in the race for the US Senate. For weeks now, the media has been closely following Marty and his Democrat opponent. The race is close, and the media is looking forward to showing voters a more personal family side of the charismatic Republican candidate.

Geraldine's Birthday party is a LARP written for the intensive role-playing player. If you like getting into character and delving into a snapshot of history and social circumstance, this is the game for you. Characterization and social interaction are the focus of this game, and we encourage all who want to get into character!

While the setting in this game is historical, the characters and in-game events are not. Players are not, in any way, required to be history experts to play, but we do encourage you to brush up on your 1960s current events and bring as much into in-game conversation as you like. Relevant web links will be provided!

Grimm Tales

Author: Will Wagner
Players: 10-21

Fairy Tale characters are secretly living in Victorian London. Yet information on the recent murders suggests that one of them may be the killer. Could it be The Beast or the Wolf? Or perhaps it is something more sinister... maybe one of the old Wicked Witches has returned?

It's a time to draw together, and defend the secrecy of Tales. Yet some see this as a way to bid for power and overthrow the obviously ineffective Colian regime. The murders must be solved and the murderer caught before the "normal" authorities discover the existance of Tales. How is the Tale community going to deal with the situation?

The base concept for this game was inspired by the new comic, Fables and many character are drawn from the Tales of the Brother's Grimm.

For more details, see the game website.

Guard Up Workshop: Live Combat Workshop

Author: Meghan Gardner and Guard Up
Players: 6-20

Learn the basics of authentic historical combat, and play interactive games of strategy with your new skills.

Players under the age of 18 are required to bring a signed Parental Release. Players 18 and over must sign a liability waiver.

For more details, see the Guard Up website.

Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present An Evening of Indian Intrigue

Author: Beth Kelly and Alex Newman
Players: 10-17

March 1, 1888: You are invited by Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers to their newest "acting evening". It's a chance to cast off stuffy England's inhibitions and delve into exotic India, without ever leaving London. Will you be a barrister, cast as an elephant trainer? A proper lady thrust into the role of courtesan? Or a financier, who suddenly finds himself a jungle adventurer?

Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present An Evening of Indian Intrigue is a brand-new game from Beth Kelly & Alex Newman, the team that brought you Battle Beyond Infinity!!!! and the psychological thriller Long, Cold, Night. Players are guests at a Victorian gathering — who are then cast in a game-within-a-game set in a mythical version of India.

House on the Hill

Author: Brian Williams
Players: 34

The "House on the Hill" on the scenic New England coast is the ideal location for a short break or a long vacation. Yes, the old hotel did burn down 80 years ago, shortly after opening, but we don't mention that to the guests. And those men in the corner: the ones in the suits with the shades and suspicious bulges under their jackets? Just guests, that's all. And the strange man with the French girl dressed like they've stepped out of a silent movie? More guests. As for the guy with the demented look in his eye, well he's the owner.

So, who in their right mind would come to the House on the Hill? Well, you'll just have to play to find out. Two games in one, you can play in either 1923 or 2003. Described as a cross between Dr Who, HP Lovecraft and Reservoir Dogs: do you want to find out what's in the cellar and why the place keeps burning down?

For more details, see the game website.

Humans vs. Monsters: Diplomacy

Author: Michael K "Buggy" Young
Players: 6

Humans, goblins, trolls and dwarves have fought for centuries; now the monsters have sued for peace. Join us for the negotiations. Will the humans have the upper hand? Will the monsters come out with the better settlement? Will the trolls just eat everyone there? And what of the Monster Anti-Defamation League? Humans vs. Monsters: Diplomacy is a silly game of negotiations, backstabbing, politics, and rampaging trolls.

For more details, see the Interactivities Ink website.

The Immortal Country

Author: Heather M. Jones
Players: 10-20

The Immortal Country is a fantasy LARP set amongst the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Here gods war for power, professors seek tenure and immortality, servants riot for equality, bewildered freshmen are trying to make their way, and a group of scientists is growing concerned about the volcano in the middle of the island.

Atlantis is an island ruled by Neanderthals, intellectuallly superior creatures who have created a high and magnificent culture. Homo Sapiens are 'servants' with few rights of their own. Some people, however, have started to get ideas -- that they should be equals.

A flurry of new religions seem to be springing up in the midst of this chaotic mess. In the war amongst the gods, there are those who will do almost anything -- even grant immortality -- to gain worshippers. Some of the gods, however, seem very angry that any of the other gods are worshipped at all...

The Intercon Dance Party

DJ: Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Come celebrate the convention and all the friends who've shown up to be there. It wouldn't be an Intercon without a fabulous party to be at on Saturday night!

It Sucks to Be You

Author: Eric K. Smith
Players: 10-25

Ordinary mortals on a bus in the World Of Darkness. Better have life insurance.

In the many World Of Darkness games, you play vampires or werewolves or mages who control reality. In It Sucks To Be You (Buses Unwelcome), you are just some poor slob trying to survive and hold a day job in a world where people are food/cattle/dream sources/etc. Your Ordinary Joe is taking a bus trip, but where you get off is an open question. What fine denizens of the World Of Darkness may find your blood, flesh, or souls tasty?

A high mortality rate is expected and pre-written backup characters will be provided. You do not need to understand Mind's Eye Theater or the World Of Darkness to play this game.

Liberty and the Price of Tea

Author: Jeremiah Genest
Players: 25-39

In Nobilis, players take on the roles of the Sovereign Powers, each the personification of one single aspect of reality: Night, or Roads, or Ecstasy, or Chains. Once human, each character has been forever twisted and changed by the addition of a single soul-fragment from their Lord or Lady Imperator: giving them awesome power and terrible responsibility.

There is a set of very valuable and important Estates which are part of no Imperator. No newly Commenced Power wields those Estates - instead, they are given as rewards, as titles, to the best and the brightest of the Nobilis. Liberty, beloved of the Wild Lords, bedrock of Creation, is one of these. The Shield of Liberty has been held by the best and brightest that the Nobilis have raised up century after century. And today that shield has no bearer. You, the brightest of the Society of Flowers, have gathered together in the House on the Hill to raise forth a new bearer.


Author: Simon Deveau
Players: 13-20

The planet Malcor has been virtually undisturbed since the time of its discovery by the Imperial Scouts in 2250 Imperial Year. The entire planet, cloaked in an impenetrable field of energy that defied the Empire's most powerful weapons has remained out of the Emperor's grasp for 250 years. Now a plague is sweeping through the Empire, threatening to extinguish all life in the galaxy and the Emperor's advisors have told him the location of the only possible cure is Malcor. Through deft diplomatic measures the Emperor has secured for the first time ever a meeting between his representatives and the seemingly very technologically backward "rulers of Malcor" to negotiate for the substance that will save the Empire. The meeting will take place on Malcor at the Castle Tannus, home of the Emerald Prince and Priestess rulers of the Emerald Kingdom. Players will join the event as members of the Imperial team and the inhabitants of Malcor. They will participate in the formal negotiations on the surface of Malcor that will hopefully save the galaxy.

Nap Time

Author: Uncle Don Ross and the Springfield PTA
Players: 10-26

Nap Time: The Game of Kindergarten Politics.

NERO Ravenholt: Isle of Desolation

Author: Rachel Morris and the NERO Mass Staff
Players: 6-30

Since Prince Kevynn Blackfox decreed that His Grace, Duke Roderick Ravenhurst would be the sole and single ruler of Ravenholt and that former Duke Maximillian Greystone be relegated to his new role as Prince's Knight in Evendarr City, political tensions around the Duchy have gradually been easing. The people of the land can once again see to their borders as concerns are raised about neighboring Expansion Territory 13 to the south, believed to still be under Sessai rule, and Draelonde to the northeast, as rumors abound about Dark Elves on the move.

In the meantime, reports of undead abominations - Liches, Vampires, and Death Knights - are becoming more prevalent, and business is good for area weapon smiths selling silvered and magical weapons, while casters are creating Stakes of Woe in the hopes of vanquishing at least the Lesser Vampires. Periodic sightings of these vile creatures have been reported from all four Baronies over the last year, and children and adults alike have been disappearing.

It is during the difficult winter season, where boats' travel is limited to nearby islands, when the captain of a fishing scow out of Byrne's Cove in the Barony of Capulus, Ravenholt, has discovered something amiss on a small island off the coast. The little island community of Byrne's Bane stands empty ... or is it? Now a party of adventurers is being gathered to discover what's amiss. Will you have the strength of blade, power of magic, or stealth to aide in the mission?

For more details, see the NERO Mass website.

The Original 1903 LARP — "An Evening With Clarence"

Author: Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Players: 17-32

In 1903 the first LARP ever - An Evening With Clarence, an Entertainment for Six to Twelve Gay Couples - premiered at the Cleveland Hotel. At the time it was a brilliant entertainment. A hundred years and three major revisions later, it is a hopelessly dated and unplayable nightmare. "Clarence" is a LARP for by and about LARPers.

If you enjoy the interplay of player and GM, the folly of bad rules, weddings, time travellers, vampires, and other canned plots - in short pastiche of everything LARPish, this is the game for you. If you've played some of the "classic" LARPs so many times that you know each character by heart, this is the game for you.

"Clarence" is not a freewheeling anti-game in the style of Hose-a-Rama or Flog-a-Thon, but rather an elaborate pastiche, requiring players to engage in a lively amount of cooperative metagaming in order to maintain conflicts and tension, while attempting to play the game. It is intended to be amusing and light, not a mechanics heavy "salvage the game" scenario.

For more details, see the Clarence website.

Panel — the LARP

Author: Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks
Players: 25-50

Today's panel will have the topic "War Stories -- Threats and Menaces". The distinguished slate of six panelists are drawn from diverse backgrounds, covering all aspects of LARPing. They will discuss the subject, and field questions from the audience.

Well, that's the theory, anyway. Join us for a satire of LARPs and panels, in the one-hour micro-game "Panel — the LARP". There are a limited number of Panelist roles, for people who want to sit up at the front. And there are lots of Audience roles, for the various loons who get to drive the Panelists crazy. This isn't precisely a Horde game (Audience members will mostly have the same character for the whole time, and jump into the fray as appropriate), but is rather similar to one in style and tone.

So come attend our Panel, as we attempt to thoroughly explore the subject of "War Stories — Threat or Menace?" in 45 minutes of mayhem.


Author: Michael K "Buggy" Young
Players: 1-20

Welcome to The Tank. You have lived here all your life, although being a fish, your memory isn't that great.

For more details, see the Interactivities Ink website.

The Prince's Diamond Jubilee

Author: Dean Edgell
Players: 25-31

Come Visit Night City.

But beware. For in its sewers and dark alleys and yes, in its theatres and office towers, lurk the powerful undead - Vampires. They do exist. They manipulate us, use us, and feed upon us. They are there, just out of sight, hidden by... the Masquerade.

The vampire Prince of Night City has ruled his domain for sixty years. Those who have dared to challenge his power have paid the price. But sixty years is a long time, even amongst the ageless undead. There are those who whisper that the Prince has fought one battle too many, that his strength has been exhausted, and that he can no longer enforce the Traditions.

Now the Kindred of Night City gather at their Prince's command to Present themselves in honor of his Diamond Jubilee. The occasion may honour the past, but the Kindred will come to witness the future.

The Prince's Diamond Jubilee is a live action roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. The Kindred of Night City gather in celebration of their Prince's Diamond Jubilee, and to pursue their own quests for power, love or hope. You can play one of the vampires of Night City, and help determine the course of future events in that city.

Saturday Morning Massacre

Author: Alex Bradley
Players: 15-26

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, and all is well in your world. The birds are doing what birds do, the trees are doing what trees do, and you are waiting for the commercial break to be over, so you can do that thing you do: be a cartoon. All is going according to script... or is it? Suddenly everything has changed, people look different, places are unfamiliar, even physical laws seem oddly distorted. In fact, nothing's the same anymore. Your world has vanished without a trace! Of course, you don't know you're a cartoon character. You're just a perfectly normal person. Who fights evil, or maybe propagates it, on a global scale. You know, normal. You were minding your own business, and now you're thrust into this strange new world with no clear idea how you got here. Come to think of it, this place may not be that safe... The world is in peril! Destruction is everywhere! Should you save it? Or destroy it? These are the choices you must make, in the Saturday Morning Massacre!!! You play a 1980s cartoon character. Apply early for maximum flexibility in casting. Bring out your inner child, and inflict it on others. Start thinking INSIDE the Box.

The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission

Author: Kreg Segall
Players: 25-39

It is the night before the charm school girls are due to be wed to a bunch of awful, awful, blotchy old rich guys, as is mandatory for all graduates of the "School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission." Perhaps the swashbucklers from the two rival fencing schools (The Scarlet Pimpernel's' School of Fencing and Fair Play, and the Mummy Pirate LeChuck's School of Yar!) can rescue these girls from a fate worse than death. The game takes place in the great field between these three establishments where the two fencing schools are having their annual tourmament and final exam.

The characters will all be assorted well-known swashbuckling gallants, infamous pirates, and demure (not so demure) women for a night full for fencing, romance, and mischief in the moonlight.


Author: Paul S. Dwyer
Players: 4-8

What does Theodore Roosevelt have to say to Cleopatra and Karl Marx about politics and culture in their days and ours? Can H. G. Wells explain the faults of the modern world to Elanor of Acquitaine? Why not come to dinner and ask them?

Choose from our menu of interesting and important characters from history and represent their achievements and ideas at a dinner party of other significant names. Inspired by Steve Allen's show Meeting of the Minds and Plato's Symposium. Dinner simulated by Dinner.

Those Who Serve

Author: Andrew W "Andy" Kirschbaum
Players: 25-40

It is 5,000 years since humanity has conquered space. Under the watchful eye of the all-powerful and immortal Emperor, mankind has thrived on countless worlds.

The peace between these worlds had long been maintained by the Servitors, elite guardians of the Empire specially trained to harness the power of their souls as weapons. 1,000 years ago though, the Emperor lost interest in the future of man and retreated to the Imperial City, a gigantic starship that houses the Emperor's court. Without his leadership, the Empire was plunged into a millennium of bloody war as numerous warlords arose and began building their own petty fiefdoms.

Now, for the first time, there is a chance for a return to the peace of older days. The Emperor has issued a summons, inviting all of the warlords to meet with him aboard his ship. Though his power has been weakened, it is an invitation that can not be ignored. What has happened to rouse the Emperor from his indifference and will the warlords be able to navigate the complicated etiquette of the Imperial City?

Underdog's Tavern

Author: Kelly and Jim MacDougal
Players: 15-25

Welcome to Underdog's tavern and the annual Good Guys/Bad Guys Fete.

Every year all the Supers on both sides of the fence come together to let off steam and have a little fun. This morning was the black/white softball game. Once again the Chicago suburb of Inverness has survived with only minimal damage to the park grounds where the game was held. It was record year for the balls though, one hundred and forty balls were needed for the twelve inning game; that's eighteen more than the previous record.

This year's fete is being held at Under Dog's Tavern. Under Dog's is run by Galen Tweak a long time friend and fan of Super Heroes. There is one hard and fast rule for tonight: No one may attack or otherwise use their powers against another in the bar. Tonight is about detente. There are always a few brave or foolish souls who try to push this rule, but Galen is far stricter than Blackie, the owner of Blackie's Tavern. Everyone needs to be on their best behavior.

There are a number of events scheduled for tonight. So everyone needs to come with their best friendly face as they set aside personal problems for an evening of fun.

Welcome to Scearbridge: A Unique College Experience

Author: Susan Weiner
Players: 20-32

How does the idea of a college with no classes sound? Scearbridge College is just that, an experimental college, which attracts the best and the brightest to its very different approach. The school has been continuing for years, and only about half the students ever leave. Heck, many don't even bother to graduate.

Every month, a few new students arrive, and this is the starting day for four new students, a punk, a nerd, a rich actor's child, and a budding musician. The rich actor's child is being trailed by a reporter, who saw their entry as the perfect time to do a human interest story on the college.

But something strange is happening, and nobody quite seems to know what's going on... except maybe Hiram Scearbridge, the eccentric old man who started the school 30 years ago.

You'll Be Safe Here

Authors: Jacqui Antonelli, Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko, and Barry Tannenbaum
Players: 10-13

The danger was imminent, a threat you could not possibly handle. There was shouting, confusion or danger. A familiar, friendly voice told you, "You'll be safe here." And there was a doorway, a space, a crevice that led away from the trouble. You went through it, then, you don't know how, you ended up in this place. You're not sure where this place is. It is not at all what you expected. And there are several others here who look just as confused as you...

TNT Productions presents You'll Be Safe Here, a dramatic study for twelve unrelated characters, who think they've reached sanctuary. Instead, they've found themselves together in a place completely outside of their expectations. Their original companions are still in danger and will need their help. Will they be able to work together to find their way back?

Are they really safe here? And... just where are they?

For more details, see the game website.

Zombies on Ice I: We Came Back from Dead Man's Curve

Author: Ben Llewellyn and Awry Wit Productions
Players: 6-12

You've been a vampire. You've been a ghost. You've been a werewolf. This time, you're a Zombie. Being a Zombie is hard. There's all that thinking you have to do. Ow. That hurts.

Wake up in the morgue and find your new niche in society. How will you fit in with your new Zombie friends? How will you fit in with the Predeads? What is your path of unlife, and where will it lead?

Brains will be simulated by cherry cheesecake.