Heroes and Monsters!

Author(s):Stephen Tihor Sean Croteau, David Cashel, Anna Galitzine, etc
Game EMail:nero AT tihor DOT com
Sean "Sean" Croteau    smc1717 AT gmail DOT com
Anna "Little Jay" Galitzine    anna DOT p DOT galitzine AT gmail DOT com
Selina "GypsySprite" Harvey    gccgraphics AT gmail DOT com
Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor    stephentihor AT gmail DOT com
Organization:NERO International
Home Page:https://www.kaurath.com/new/Events-Intercon-R.shtml
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 10 / Max: 25
Total Characters: Min: 10 / Max: 25
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"Two groups of heroes arrive to save a village from dangerous monsters. Who will solve the problem first and reap the reward. Can you trust the other 'heros'? Can you trust your friends when there is blood and gold on the line?"

Visit the world of Tyrra, sponsored by the New England NERO chapters -- to show folks where we are today -- High Fantasy Medieval flavor, moderate costuming, and roleplaying plots melded with boffer combat.

Real time, real space, live boffer combat. As requested we are presenting a set of interlocking modules. Puzzle solving, live combat. role playing and negotiations will be aspects of the game. The GMs and players of this LARP request all players make some attempt at "fantasy garb" or basic blacks at minimum, staff can provide some loaner garb for a few players upon request.

Casting questionnaire will ask about makeup and costuming choices, as it may influence some aspects of how a given role is written. Our casting questionnaire will be online later this year.

NERO tries to create an immersive experience as a character in classic fantasy literature with strong agency within the context and tropes of the world. The game world includes elements of the Middle Ages, such as class hierarchies, and prejudices, including a cultural group which claims racial superiority and values purity, two cultural groups which assign females a higher social status purely based on gender, and villains who believe in slavery. NERO depicts magic and spells as well as creatures from other planes of existence and has its own mythology for the afterlife (there is intentionally no religion depicted in the game world.) Prewritten characters may be inspired by such elements and any character, player written or staff written, must be make sense within such an environment.

This game involves simulated combat. NERO Rules require parental consent from Minors and signed safety waivers from all participants.

While strong efforts are made to provide options for those with medical, mobility, and sensory challenges, not all aspects of the NERO play experience is available or suitable for everyone. For example you must be able to hear combat calls from behind. Please contact the GMs if you wish to explore which play options are suitable.

No Previous Boffer LARP combat experience is required. Part of our goal is to introduce people to this style of gaming who have not experienced it.

Based on your casting questionnaire we will prepare a suitable NERO Legal character for you to play if you do not have one.

Those with Existing NERO International characters will be given options to play which should preserve play balance.

If you already have a suitable weapon we will ask about it to reduce the chances of something not meeting the NERO or Convention rules. In any case we plan to bring enough weapons to cover those needed and contingencies.

Player Communications
Email, Website, specialized character creation tools including pre-built character options for new players who want a Grab n Go option.

Croteau, Sean

Galitzine, Anna

Harvey, Selina

Tihor, Stephen

Stephen started gaming as a playtester for SPI and part of the New York Conspiracy to take over the Postal Diplomacy hobby. (They succeeded). He started D&D in 1974. He started LARPIng at the first run of Arabian Nights and was insane enough to put together a team to write and run a full weekend game at year later. Its been downhill since then. More recently he inherited a Boffer LARP game (Kaurath at NERO Hartford) and has written and run games at most Intercons for a while. The most recent games were the amnesia games (Jamais Vue, Presque Vue, Vue to a Kill) and the martial arts extravaganza, Ghost Fu, and the Boffer/Power Politics crossovers Wintermeet and Winter is Ending.

He can be found in the usual places doing various stuff and trying to be a voice of reason and represent the older generation of game designers while secretly lusting to run a Blockbuster Megagame.