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... and the Electric Labyrinth
by Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley, et al
Mad Scientists, Strong-jawed heroes, femme fatales who can out-think Tesla, ruthless industrialists, and reckless adventurers meet canny native guides and invincible warriors in a game with politics, posturing, and pulp-style action. Oh, and an electric labyrinth.

by Betsy Isaacson, Elisabeth Cohen
It's 1493 in Christian Europe: A Borgia sits on the Papal Throne, Spain's on the brink of civil war, and Genoese captain named Christopher Columbus claims he's discovered a sea route to India. Change is coming, that much is certain, but will it bring about the beginning of a new world or simply destroy all that you hold dear?

36 Degrees of Separation
by Nicholas Milano, Sharone Horowit-Hendler
A nice idyllic sailing trip...or a disaster? A simple trip goes wrong when an explosion strands the ship on a deserted island. Things aren't always as they appear.

A Night on Terebellum Station
by Paul Bragulla, Jennifer Bragulla
Yo-ho-ho, and a magnetic bottle of He-3.

This game will be about telling stories in the golden age of space piracy. Characters may include great corsair captains, young crewmen trying to find their way aboard any ship that will take them, or even agents of the law in disguise.

A Second Chance for Wings
by Jeff Diewald, Sarah Judd, Josh Kronengold, Alon Levy, Michael McAfee, Lisa Padol, and Gaylord Tang.
A Second Chance for Wings is a two hour Tale-telling LARP that plays out the arc of the Emeran push for space. Set on a world far away from our own, but still similar in many ways, A Second Chance for Wings is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player LARP.

A Turn on the Radiance Rose
by Doug Freedman, Sue Lee, Kristen Pierson, Eva Schiffer, Steve Vig
You are cordially invited to a Seance held by Rudolpho the Great and Powerful and the Famed Spiritualist Eleanor Van Klief. The Gates Between the Worlds will open in the Radiance Rose Pullman dining car of the Union Pacific train, New York to Chicago at 7pm sharp. Boarding is at Grand Central disembark at Union Station.

by David Simkins, Bryan O'Neill, Samuel Trapp, Anush Raman & Benjamin Snyder
10 minutes ago alarm klaxons warned of a problem. 8 minutes ago, the interstellar starcraft abruptly exited hyperspace. 7 minutes ago, the evacuation alert began. 2 minutes ago, you made it into one of the craft's escape pods. 1 minute ago the lifeboat's air alarm sounded.

An Age Unending
by Andy Kirschbaum, Anandi Gandolfi, Derek Herrera
A Rococopunk LARP!

Every whim is satisfied. Thought engines create anything and everything that could possibly be desired, or imagined. The only challenge is to entertain. Competition is keen and the only form of prestige left to win.

Be outrageous or be boring ... and boredom is death.

Another Flag of Bones
by Will Wagner
1718 - The Royal Anchor in Port Royal The Pirate Council has been called to meet. Someone on the council is a traitorous dog and is possibly working with both the Spanish and English governors. The rumor is that this evidence was uncovered by the children of several captains.

BBC Reality in cooperation with the Jupiter Mining Corp presents RED DWARF
by John Kammer
BBC Reality is sponsoring the first ever Reality Show in SPAAAACE!

Come aboard the asteroid mining ship Red Dwarf for ridiculous challenges and the opportunity to win great prizes by sacrificing your dignity.

Better Living Through Robotics
by Elizabeth Fein, Eva Schiffer, Jaime Frey, Kathleen De Smet, and Keith A Darron
A retro-futuristic take on a post-apocalyptic world with subservient robots for 10 players.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
by Dave Kapell, Alex Bradley, Larisa Allen
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a swashbuckling occult four hour one-shot boffer game using the Accelerant rules told over a number of scenarios.

Cast Party
by Susan Weiner
At the cast party for a small community theater, it's time to relax, hang out with friends and talk about what's next. Cast party is a game that looks at the relationship between player and character in both in and out of game ways, including having the players cast themselves.

Cats Like Food
by Zeb Dezern, Zach (Greer) Hauptman
The cats want to be fed, but the humans want to keep sleeping. Animals, especially cats, are difficult to reason with. Humans, not being cats, are also difficult to reason with. Would it be any easier if everyone were speaking the same language? Probably not. Cats are very persistent.

Enjoy a social game of breakfast and conflicting needs, for 6-9 players of all ages and ability. Players will use social diplomacy and communication skills to get what their characters want and try to accomplish their goals.

Cats Like Food is a light-hearted romp from the bedroom to the pantry, to the bedroom, to the pantry, to the bedroom, to the pantry, to the bedroom....

Collision Imminent!
by John Corrado Jr., Anne Cross, Jeff Diewald, Philip Goetz, David Lichtenstein, Michael McAfee, Don Ross, Alex Thorn, Mark Waks
COLLISION IMMINENT! Can someone turn that alarm off? Please report to your assigned lifepod station immediately... Have you seen Fifi? Why does that engineer look worried? ...where a trained and friendly Imagineerium™ starship cruise line crewmember will help you... Did you hear that thump? COLLISION IMMINENT! What do you mean I can't get another Rigellian Core Meltdown to go? What am I supposed to drink while I wait? Is the air getting thin in here? ...to safely board a lifepod that will carry you to rescue in the unlikely event of an actual evacuation... COLLISION IMMINENT! Will an officer please report to the Leo Deck? Daddy? Do you know where my Daddy is? Please do not panic! COLLISION IMMINENT!

Congress of Vienna
by Ben Philip and Kristen Patten (original authors also included Ion Y. and Paul E.)
It is the year of our lord eighteen hundred and fifteen. Now the victorious powers of Europe have gathered in Vienna to enjoy the hospitality of the illustrious Emperor Francis I of Austria to determine the new shape of Europe. This is to be a gathering which will truly outshine any that Europe has ever seen. Napoleon has been defeated, but his tumultuous passing has changed Europe irrevocably. What will become of Europe? Will it hold strong to the old ways, step forwards into a new age, or fall once again into war and chaos?

Congress of Vienna is a political game with some weirdness. Characters are mostly based on actual historical people, possibly with a bit more romance and drama in their lives. You will have a great deal of influence and ability to shape what the future of Europe (and thus, the world!) will be like.

Help serve Intercon breakfast, lunch and dinner

Darkness Visible
by Emily Care Boss

Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven...

England, 17th century. Civil war rages. Plague, fire and heresy ravage the land. John Milton is born. Poet, theologian, political and social theorist and radical. Play the poet and those in his remarkable life, intertwined scenes from his master work, Paradise Lost.

A freeform larp, in the American Freeform tradition.

Dead Man's Curve
by Don "Uncle Don" Ross
Only kids with something to prove would dare to race on I-42 outside of town.
Only cowards would chicken out.
Friends and other… interested parties… will be there as well, to see if Dead Man’s Curve shall claim another life.

Devil to Pay
by Alison Joy Schafer & Brian Richburg

"And thy empire shall last / Till the black flag by inches is torn from the mast."

The year is 1715 and the sun is setting on the West Indies. For the past 13 years, pirates have exploited the chaos of the War of Spanish Succession, sailing unchallenged while the British, Dutch, French, and Spanish forces were busy warring on one another. Once again at peace, though a delicate one, the European powers have turned their sights to ending the villainy that has stood unchecked for far too long. Now the Golden Age of Piracy is drawing to a close, and across the Caribbean black flags lie in tatters - replaced with standards of imperial blue, white and red.

With freedom fast becoming scarce, some of the seas’ most infamous pirates have become faithless turncoats, hunting their former brethren in service of any crown that would offer a pardon for a lifetime of greed and murder. Hunted down to the brink of extinction, and with the news that Tortuga had been cleared of their kind, the last of the great pirate lords look for safety in the failing stronghold of New Providence. As the British fleet tightens the noose around them, some dream of escape while others turn traitor. All know the truth, however: their crimes are great and their fate is well deserved, and may well already be sealed. But perhaps they will prevail...one last brilliant flash on the horizon at dusk…

Dog Day Afternoon: the larp
by Aaron Vanek
The robbery should have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live T.V. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it's all true.

Drink Me
by Betsy Isaacson
A dark tale of Victorian weirdness. Three eccentric English travelers meet in a cave on the Mongolian steppes, each risking madness and harsh revelation in order to attain that which they want most in the universe.

Dustpan: the LARP
by Lynn Anslow, Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko, Barry Tannenbaum, with material from David Clarkson

All life is a journey, and for these denizens of the Great Wooden Expanse, it is a trip from the Light, from the Dark, and from all the places in between. Where will it end? Come learn about the world of the very small, the world of the Great Wooden Expanse, and all those swept up in this tale of passion, theology and inevitability, an epic of Light and Dark, of Biblical proportion, under the Couch.

Dustpan: the LARP is a game for eighteen players willing to go into the dark recesses behind and under the couch. This is a game of characters with stories to tell, with some plot sprinkled in. What else lies under the couch is part of the mystery, and beyond that, who knows?

Emotional Baggage
by Quinn D, Susan Weiner, Steve Vig
A handful of airline employees have found themselves locked out of the cockpit. With the pilot remaining silent, they don't know where they are going, or whether they'll survive once they get there. All they can do is try to get through the next few hours. Fortunately, they all know each other very well.

Emotional baggage is a game about complicated relationships and old emotional traumas. There is no way out of the situation during game time, this is a game about character interactions and player exploration of difficult emotions through roleplay. Flashbacks are used to show the characters’ lives flashing before their eyes and to bring up older emotional issues.

Fire And Ice
by Mike Young
The year is 1974 and you have been invited to the world’s first geothermally heated underground hotel… in Antarctica. Welcome to the posh Fire and Ice hotel. It is opening night, and even though they had to rush to be ready, management is certain that everyone will have a night to remember!

For Those In Peril
by Caitlin Feeley, Albert Lin
Christmas Eve, 1861. The Sea of Okhotsk. Hours ago, your nine-man crew finally harpooned a whale. But the dying beast pulled your small boat far over the horizon. You are lost. It is getting dark and murderously cold. And the icy waters of the North Pacific hold horrors far worse than drowning.

Fuyu no Yuri: Winter Lilies
by Li-Chi Young
Tonight, several young women who attended Houjou Girl's Academy gather to welcome the new year. They're each other's dear friends and chosen family. Many things have happened to them since graduation: some of of them have stayed with their high school girlfriends, others have not... some still harbor feelings unspoken.

G.I. Joe: Pirates
by Suzanne Wayner, Paul Wayner, Jeannie Whited
G.I. Joe is the codename for American's daring, highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra - a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

75% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. A string of civilian ships have gone missing, only to reappear in oceans far away. Could Cobra be behind it? The Joes are determined to stop Cobra before they strike again!

Ghost Light
by Betsy Isaacson
It's the future as imagined by the '80's: corporations rule the world, gutter punks rebel in festival, and video piracy's threatening the solvency of the world's last remaining live theater. Is dramaturgy doomed, or will a motley crew of entrepreneurs, actors and street kids save the spectacle?

Glastonbury: A Soap Opera in Dance
by Kate Freedman and Kat Jones

Glastonbury Tor in England: home both to King Arthur, and to the epic annual bacchanalia of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll known as the Glastonbury Festival. Five days. Two hundred thousand people. And this year, you’re there to entertain them! 18+

GM Space
by Sharone Horowit-Hendler and Jared Hite
GMing group Nameless Dreamings is running the newest game in a popular trilogy based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Of course, it's never as easy as it sounds... GM Space is a comedic partial horde game with no shame or decency.

Happily Ever After
by EB Savage
Love conquers all! Or does it? Join famous couples from literature as they discuss their marital issues and explore options to salvage their relationships.

Hello, You Must Be...
by Brian Williams
"Hello, You Must Be..." is an eight-player game where the players are cast in pairs. It's character-driven, intense, funny and touches on diverse subjects such as suicide, identity, friendship and the moral consequences of choices. It asks questions about good vs evil, order vs chaos, security vs freedom.

Honor & Profit
by Joshua B. Marcus
Which do you value: Honor or Profit? Do you give lip service to both, or fuel your rage against one with the energy of the other? Come and make your move in a world where humanity is blurred but the stakes are clear. Welcome to Honor & Profit!

Infinite Magic Glories: Impact Mosaic
by Kristen Hendricks, David Kotsonis, Warren Tusk
In an anime-styled version of near-future America, magical girls and occult duelists gather for their annual community house party. Arcane shenanigans, metaphysical exploration, and emotional intensity ensue.

Iron GM Competition
by Marsha Gershon, Viktoriya Fuzaylova
Are you a new LARP author who wants a push to try your hand at writing a game? A seasoned author looking for a challenge? Or maybe an insomniac who comes up with your best crazy ideas late at night? If you answered "yes" to any of these, you might be interested in Intercon P's Iron GM competition!

This year, six GM teams will write a two- hour game based on three secret ingredients and one secret prop in 24 hours! The finished games will be played by Intercon attendees on Sunday morning. The games will be judged on LARP craft, playability, enjoyability, and integration of the themes. The winning GM team receives a fabulous cash prize (and bragging rights)!

Life's Sacrifice
by Brady Tatro, David Camacho
The god of life has been corrupted, corpses roam the world and threaten to destroy humanity. Your magic is limited and time is not on your side. What would you sacrifice to save your world?

by Ching Shih and Anne Bonny
Intercon needs volunteers to help people check in to the con and keep the con running. Come help out! Pirate costumes are encouraged but not necessary.

Persona: Too Late
by Xavid
You f*cked it all up. You could've saved the world, but you fell into distrust and jealousy, and Death found you easy pickings. But now you have a chance to turn back the clock and fix your mistakes. Can you learn to work together, or is it really too late?

Platform 6
by Alon Levy
In a spacefaring civilization, some people eke out their living in less than legal ways. Illegal outpost Platform 6 is one of their havens, as security gets tighter and raiding opportunities scarcer. Characters will have the opportunity to form crews and go on missions - provided they can trust their crewmates.

Pooka Support Group
by Kara Hurvitz and William Walker
Pooka Support Group is a mostly-satire game about compulsive lying, and family values set in a therapy session.

Port Hidalgo
by Philip Kelley, Sean Rhodes, Marc Blumberg, Drew Novick
Pirates, gallants, scoundrels, and worse wait out a raging storm on a remote Caribbean island, but more than rum is in the air… destiny awaits as old feuds, lost treasures, hidden agendas, and secrets long thought forgotten come to a head in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Pub Crawl
by Nat Budin, Tegan Kehoe, Phoebe Roberts, and Susan Weiner
Pub Crawl will follow a shifting group of characters as they travel from bar to bar. All players will take the roles of multiple characters over the course of the game. At each bar transition, some characters will leave the focal group and others will join. Each new bar brings different faces and a new backdrop for the issues the city is facing.

Rabbit Run
by Albert Lin and Zoe Eddy
In a desperate bid, the Rabbits have infiltrated the PryMor base for one last fight against the apocalyptic twilight of the human race against the Machines.

by John Kammer
Come join the Redshirt Corps. You'll be sacrificed on missions bringing honor, glory, and fame to your captain. He might even get a promotion out of it.

by Sharone Horowit-Hendler
It’s been about five years since you all started at Franklin University, four since you all joined Franklin’s Sci-Fi fantasy club, the FORCe. It’s been a year since graduation. A year since you were all able to really spend time together. This weekend is a time to get together, to catch up, and to enjoy.

This is the experimental game I wrote for linguistic anthropology research a few years back

Slayer Cake
by Kat Jones and Evan Torner
A group of roadies and fans find themselves in Metal World, a land where music has magical power. They are locked in a musical battle between Baby Metal, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Emo, Grunge, and *shudder* Doom Metal. WHO WILL BECOME THE OVERLORDS OF ROCK?

Space Station Omega
by Mike Young
Welcome to Space Station Omega. Situated in geosynchronous orbit around a strange distant planet, Space Station Omega houses a rotating crew of scientists, engineers, and mechanics. Today, however, might be a little more exciting than the typical day in space. Scenarios and plots taken from movies such as Gravity, Apollo 13, and Alien.

by Eric Wirtanen
Twelve years ago, Zodiac Publishing ceased to exist. It had been so successful, it brought all of its authors on a Caribbean cruise. On the third night of the cruise, a series of murders left all twelve authors dead. There are many theories as to what happened that night. Not a single one of them is right.

Tonight, the spirits of the fallen rise and try to remember what happened to them ... and figure out where they go from here.

Stop that Moon!
by Tucker Le, John Benfield
Rookie superheroes were sent into space for training when a group of space terrorists have taken over the moon in order to hold the world hostage. The heroes have been redirected to stop the nefarious plan. Will they succeed on their first mission without their mentors?

Storm Cellar
by Kathleen De Smet and Eva Schiffer
Eight neighbors find themselves trapped in a storm cellar waiting for a tornado to pass. Secrets and rivalries come to light in the darkness as well as golden opportunities. Just be sure the opportunities you chose are worth the price. (No magic or supernatural elements.)

Syncretism: A Coming of Age Ritual
by Abrihette Yawa, Sean Curran
Are you worried? That is natural. Tomorrow, you become an adult. Well, I guess it is a bit more complicated for you.
Tomorrow, you reenact the great myths and become an Incarnation of the Gods.
Tomorrow, you grow the seeds of the great Network Trees within you, and become a Grove Tender.
Tomorrow, you craft your greatest work shaping your own essence, and becoming Soulforged.
Tomorrow, you become more than the rest of us.

by Thomas Wohlers

Far below the surface, your team was mining rare ore. But then something went wrong, and now one of you is dead, three of you have lost their memories, and none of you knows who to trust anymore. And you have less than three hours of air.

The Always Waltz
by Caroline Murphy, Alex Brune
The Always Waltz is a game about intrigue and mystery, inspired by tales like Labyrinth, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. You will start the game thinking you know who you are… but you may discover dark things as the evening goes on.

The Barbecue
by Jeff Diewald, Marsha Gershon, Sarah Judd, Joshua Kronengold, Joshua Rachlin, Gaylord Tang
It’s a quiet, sunny summer day in the suburbs. The monthly neighborhood barbecue (and pie contest) will be hosted by the Kessenich family this Sunday. The Rossi and Lee family will be in attendance as usual, along with the Kessenich’s new tenant Brittany.

The Case Of the Comic Convict (A Courtroom Whodunnit)
by Isabel Malonzo & Li-Chi Young
SFS, DK -- A female suspect in her 20s is now in custody and facing charges for yesterday’s murder committed at San Fransokyo Comic Con. The victim’s name has not been released to the public...The suspect is awaiting her trial tomorrow in Daikonia’s District 1 Superior Court. -- A Courtroom Mystery

The Forgotten
by Andrew Medeiros
You are a civilian in the middle of a brutal civil war. Every day your supplies wane as you desperately try to survive. Every night you sleep, stand guard, or venture out to scavenge supplies. Regardless of who wins this war, one thing’s clear. You’ve already lost.

The Golden Valley
by Mike Young

It is the distant future, twenty five years after the Grand Catastrophe of 2000. The soil is arid and unhospitable; practically nothing grows in it. The world is dry and the frequent dust storms are destructive and deadly. But you have heard tales of The Golden Valley, a verdant unspoiled paradise where fresh fruits grow and clean water flows free. Can your caravan make it across the Purple Mountains or will everyone die of thirst, exposure, dysentery, and cannibal mutants?

The House of Becoming
by Kristen Patten, Jamey Patten, Santo Sangupta, Ted Marr, Dan Parke
Tribal remnants of humanity in the post-apocalypse undertake rites of passage at the sacred place known as the House of Becoming.

The Imitation Game
by Kevin Kreiner
In the heart of the Cold War, in a secret bunker, a new supercomputer comes online for the first time. Your mission? Test it, find out what it does, who really built, and why.

The Inversion of Me and My Room
by Tory Root
You are in a dream. It is not one you will forget easily, nor is it one without consequences, but regardless: you are in a dream, and you keep falling.

The Love Craft
by Mike Young
Take a trip aboard a luxury liner with a difference. The Love Craft soon will be making another run. The Love Craft promises something for everyone. Come aboard; we’re expecting you.

The Lower Decks
by Sophie Monahan
Experimentally structured postwar Star Trek LARP about internal crisis and external relationships.

The Men of Mars
by Will Wagner
The continuation of the Void Stalkers campaign kicks off with this nailbiter! The game takes place on the IPS Void Ship Isaac Newton, in transit to Mars.

The computer has a current status on the screen - but you don't quite remember who you are, or why you are here. You only know that you have something important to accomplish...

This is an amnesia game (memories will be revealed via mechanics, during the game)

The game is written with "pregen" characters and it is not necessary to have played in any previous Void Stalkers game.

The Neverland Conclave
by Sara Gussin and Jaelen Rachlin
It's been a while since the Darling Incident. The Lost Kids have been playing pranks, and the Pirates have been causing a drunken ruckus, so life has gone on as usual. Yesterday, a conclave was called. The lost kids and the pirates are meeting on neutral ground. Come help determine what happens to Neverland now that Hook and Pan are gone.

The Other Other* All-Batman Game
by Philip, Jennifer, and Valerie Kelley
Batman and Robin have been defeated by their greatest foes! The citizens of Gotham rise to the occasion but, even disguised as Gotham's greatest defender, can they save their fair city from the villains' nefarious plans? A farce of identities and disguises based on the camp 60's TV show.

The Pantheon Protocol
by Caelyn Sandel and Kara Hurvitz

As a Pantheon beholds a world that has left them behind, they face a challenge: Can they change into the Gods that the new world needs, or will they fade into obscurity?

The Return To Gray
by Tegan Kehoe
The remaining five staff members of Le Phare, an underground newspaper serving the French Resistance, had planned tonight as a celebration of the 200th issue. Then the war ended. As hellish as war is, things are clearer during conflict; there's a cause to serve that divides right from wrong. Now, the Phare staff are facing big existential and logistical questions while they sort out love, money, and the future they are newly free to think of.

The Road Not Taken
by Mike Young
The Road Not Taken is an experimental LARP of decisions and emotions. In it, each player will have the opportunity to take the spotlight in a scene and make a tough decision.

The Worst Story Ever Told
by Joseph Wiegartner
1st century Jerusalem is a harsh place. Fish prices have plummeted, rebels have attacked the Romans, and the Son of God who came to save us from our sins died hardcore. Now, minor characters from the Bible and some fresh faces will have to deal with supernatural and human problems.

Together Again
by Dylan Blanset, John Schwartz
In the year since graduating from college, distance has taken its toll. Friendships fade, love becomes strained, and resentment grows. These people were the family you chose, that you swore you'd keep dear to you forever. So how could things get this messed up? Is there a chance to get back what you've lost, or should you just be grateful for what you've managed to cling on to?

Trapped in a Mall With Some Zombies
by Mike Young
It finally happened. The zombie apocalypse. And you and your friends are trapped in this shopping mall surrounded by the living dead. Can you hold out for two hours before you are (hopefully) rescued by the military?

We All Fall Down
by Katie Zenke
The characters from Mother Goose come tumbling out of their book one day and have the chance to change their stories. Will they stick with the rhymes we've all known since childhood or will they rewrite their fates?

Welcome Reception
After the panels and before the games start in earnest, come join us at the Regatta Bar in the hotel lobby.

Where in the Heart is Carmen Sandiego?
by Jayson Lynch, Andrew Clough, Kendra Beckler, Beth Hocking
Many times had notorious thief Carmen Sandiego escaped certain death or faked her own death to pull off a caper, but at the last VILE heist, she died when everything went wrong. Without Carmen, can her henchmen carry on? If so, how?

Wintermeet Tavern: Vampires, Dwarves, and Kings, Oh my!
by Stephen Tihor, Sean Croteau, Selina Harvey, et al
A mixed team of folks who have written Theater style LARPS (Jamais Vue), NERO Boffer Combat LARPS (NERO Hartford), and both, bring a power politics and high characterization and costuming event to Intercon P. the Grand Council of the Nine Kingdoms are meetings to decide if and how they should admit their ancient enemy, a kingdom of the Undead, now working to reform, to their ranks. And a few other minor issues

Wishing Well
by Sarah Tuttle, Xavid
You've journeyed far to find the fabled wishing well. You're almost out of sandwiches, but you made it! Except now, the well's broken. You and the squirrel agree: this is most improper! What's a motley assortment of wishers to do?

A ridiculous LARP loosely inspired by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Woodplum House
by Phoebe Roberts
In this silly Wodehouse-inspired comedy of manners, join these genteel aristocrats as what should be a civilized afternoon tea erupts into high-spirited comedic escapades!