Pooka Support Group

Author(s):Kara Hurvitz and William Walker
Game EMail:Ksward AT gmail DOT com
Kim "redfishie" Sward    ksward AT gmail DOT com
Male Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Female Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Neutral Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Total Characters: Min: 8 / Max: 8
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"You don't know why the Count has insisted you come here and waste an hour of your life on therapy. He thinks just cause he owns the local freehold, he can boss you around? Well, OK, he's probably right about that part.

But no one tells the truth all the time, right? It's not like you have a problem. Or at least, it's not like you're the only one who maybe has trouble telling all of the truth sometimes maybe. Cause at the very least, there's that guy with the face and that lady over there and that kid in the blue and also that other guy..."

Pooka Support Group is a mostly-satire / silly / tongue-in-cheek game about compulsive lying, secrets, and family values. Players will play a character attending a therapy session that involves pookas (mischief creatures that take animal forms who tend to use indirect communication).

Game mechanics will reflect that pookas have a hard time telling the complete truth, which of course makes therapy that much more interesting...and a lot more revealing when they do. Paper for coloring, and stuffed animals to roleplay feelings will be present.

The game is set in a light fantasy setting with an emphasis on role-playing; though the game is intended to be a Changeling satire, the most impressive feat performed by these characters is telling the entire truth.

Note: Pooka Support Group is vaguely set in the World of Darkness, but will not use White Wolf mechanics or examine the White Wolf canon.

This game is for players 18 and older.

Sward, Kim

Kim Sward first came to Intercon for Intercon G due to friends in the SCA who she fenced and has been coming back to the con ever since. She has been part of Intercon's staff for the last few years (since Intercon K).

Kim has been involved in several campaign boffer larps in the greater MA area since roughly 2002. She was on staff for Endgame and npc'd a number of other Accelerant based boffer games.

She was part of the winning gm team for Iron GM at Intercon O, with their submission of Compost Tales: The Lost Religions, for that year's competition. The key genre/items/props that year were: satire, vegetables, lost and found, and a key prop.

You can find Kim around the con either running around looking for where she put some sort of costuming or sitting down and having a nice cup of tea.