The Lower Decks

Author(s):Sophie Monahan
Game EMail:sophical AT alum DOT mit DOT edu
Sophie "Sophie" Monahan    sophical AT alum DOT mit DOT edu
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 7 / Max: 10
Total Characters: Min: 7 / Max: 10
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The Lower Decks is an experimental LARP set in a postwar Star Trek universe. No knowledge of Star Trek necessary. This is a LARP about loss of structure, and about how interpersonal relationships affect internal crisis. All characters are recently-discharged crewmen in crisis, developed by players before and during the game. This LARP involves significant workshopping, player improvisation, and serious psychological themes.

This LARP involves themes of war, trauma, and mental illness and aims to treat these seriously and sensitively. A portion of workshopping is dedicated to establishing what is out of bounds for a particular run of the LARP in order to keep the game emotionally safe for all participants. No children under 18.

Monahan, Sophie