A Second Chance for Wings

Author(s):Jeff Diewald, Sarah Judd, Josh Kronengold, Alon Levy, Michael McAfee, Lisa Padol, and Gaylord Tang.
Game EMail:gaylord_tang AT yahoo DOT com
Gaylord Tang    gaylord_tang AT yahoo DOT com
Organization:NELCO BYOG
Home Page:http://www.interactiveliterature.org/
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 5 / Max: 5
Total Characters: Min: 5 / Max: 5
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It is 4392 on the Modern Calendar, in the country of Emera, and the Blue Phoenix corporation has turned its vision to space. Itís been almost sixty years since the Tursans put six people on the largest of the three moons in the sky, and no oneís been back, not even to orbit, since then. The charismatic CEO of Blue Phoenix has vowed to put the first Emerans into space, and to bring back fame, glory, and profits that will raise poor Emera into the ranks of leading nations.

A Second Chance for Wings is a two hour Tale-telling LARP that plays out the arc of the Emeran push for space. Set on a world far away from our own, but still similar in many ways, A Second Chance for Wings is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player LARP. Players will play the same characters throughout the game, provided they survive each Tale. Will Blue Phoenix and Emera reach space and the moons, or will space be empty for the foreseeable future? Come play A Second Chance for Wings!

Due to geopolitical themes, mature players under 18 should check in with the GM prior to registering.

The casting questionnaire may be found at https://secure.journeysurveys.com/answer/818/prompt . Take this extra "with" and "you", for where I forgot to put them.

Tang, Gaylord

Departing the State of Nature

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I've been at Intercon since J, but have been LARPing for about as long, longer than that (albeit with less frequency when before J) elsewhere. I've helped with the NELCO BYOGs for the past four years, and facilitated the one in 2015. I generally play in the NYC area's games - both commercial and non-commercial, theatre-style and boffer (but generally not all combat games), but do make my way up around MA for more of that with different folks. I'm a relatively late addition to the Straightjackets Optional crew.

I'm an "art stuff" hobbyist, and am interested in LARP as an artistc medium, both on the performing and authorial sides. (I'm considering moving more toward the latter and less the former in 2016, or moving away from LARP for a bit. GMing also feels more satisfying than it used to.) To me, "art stuff" is not about talking about or thinking about - it's more "blue collar" than that: It's about doing a ton of work to make a point, sometimes obscure, that maybe nobody would notice or appreciate. So, yes, beauty and truth, but above all that, work, even so-considered "pointless" work.