... and the Electric Labyrinth

Author(s):Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley, et al
Game EMail:gaylord_tang AT yahoo DOT com
Gaylord Tang    gaylord_tang AT yahoo DOT com
Stephen "Stephen" Tihor    stephentihor AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Straightjackets Optional
Home Page:http://larp.tihor.com/
Male Characters:Min: 1 / Max: 3
Female Characters:Min: 1 / Max: 3
Neutral Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 6
Total Characters: Min: 4 / Max: 12
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Ever wanted to be in a Heterodyne Boys or Trelawney Thorp story from the world of Girl Genius?

Join Straightjackets Optional for a game of exploration, adventure, and fast-paced action in a world of twisted mad science gone horribly right.

Two teams of adventurers have arrived simultaneously at the wilderness capital of the Old Empire--in search of fabled treasures. Attempting to deal with them are the native villagers--with their own agendas.

Mad Scientists, Strong-jawed heroes, femme fatales who can out-think Tesla, ruthless industrialists, and reckless adventurers meet canny native guides and invincible warriors in a game with politics, posturing, and pulp-style action. Oh, and an electric labyrinth.

The casting questionnaire may be found at https://secure.journeysurveys.com/answer/812/prompt

Tang, Gaylord

Departing the State of Nature

And once upon a time, the government / was a figment of one person's conscience: / too pure will set in facile'ted judgment / to make, to assert the "correct" violence / to make abhorrents norms, and make alien / what once came innately. Deprogramming / to program the epicopalian / recursive, retroactively acting / towards conformation of belief(s): compile / protocol(s) versus unsuspected mode(s) / and whether this was meant to be worthwhile / the system(s) became lost in cryptic code(s) / Empowerment as oriented state(s): / System error(s) - slaking processed dictate(s).

I've been at Intercon since J, but have been LARPing for about as long, longer than that (albeit with less frequency when before J) elsewhere. I've helped with the NELCO BYOGs for the past four years, and facilitated the one in 2015. I generally play in the NYC area's games - both commercial and non-commercial, theatre-style and boffer (but generally not all combat games), but do make my way up around MA for more of that with different folks. I'm a relatively late addition to the Straightjackets Optional crew.

I'm an "art stuff" hobbyist, and am interested in LARP as an artistc medium, both on the performing and authorial sides. (I'm considering moving more toward the latter and less the former in 2016, or moving away from LARP for a bit. GMing also feels more satisfying than it used to.) To me, "art stuff" is not about talking about or thinking about - it's more "blue collar" than that: It's about doing a ton of work to make a point, sometimes obscure, that maybe nobody would notice or appreciate. So, yes, beauty and truth, but above all that, work, even so-considered "pointless" work.

Tihor, Stephen

Stephen has been a gamer since high school, from strategy games at SPI to Postal Diplomacy and the Slobinpolitz Journal to the dawn of D&D.

He started LARPing at the first Arabian Nights, starting writing a couple of years thereafter, and now also serves on the plot team for a NERO chapter near New Haven as well as part of the team Straightjackets Optional.