Dept. Head:Ching Shih and Anne Bonny
Game EMail:ops AT p DOT interconlarp DOT org
Diana "Diana" Hsu    dromeda AT gmail DOT com
Jaelen Rachlin    jrachlin AT gmail DOT com
Volunteers Needed: Min: 0 / Max: 8
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Avast! Come help the crew of the Dread Ship Intercon keep her afloat and on course. Thar be booty in it for them who's got their sea legs!

Intercon needs volunteers to help people check in to the con and keep the con running. Come help out! Pirate costumes are encouraged but not necessary.

Hsu, Diana

Rachlin, Jaelen

Jaelen is a small green and purple dragon. They often manifest as a human. Do not be fooled. They hoard chocolate, and occasionally forget which direction they are facing and get confused and/or scared. If Jaelen is confused and/or scared, please scritch them on the head.

Jaelen has been to every New England Intercon since Intercon C, and has at various times been Con Chair, GM Liaison, Ops Chair, and Hotel Liaison. This year, they are running Ops with their amazing Co-Chair Diana, and GMing The Neverland Conclave with two excellent people.

Jaelen is agender, and uses they/them/their pronouns. The bits about hording chocolate and needing head scritches are completely serious; if you bring either of these to Ops, Jaelen will be quite pleased.