The Case Of the Comic Convict (A Courtroom Whodunnit)

Author(s):Isabel Malonzo & Li-Chi Young
Game EMail:justicesanstruth AT gmail DOT com
Greer "Zach" Hauptman    ryuutchi AT gmail DOT com
Isabel Malonzo    i DOT b DOT malonzo AT gmail DOT com
Li-Chi "lichifruit" Young    lichifruit AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Truth Sans Justice
Male Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Female Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Neutral Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 6
Total Characters: Min: 8 / Max: 10
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SAN FRANSOKYO, DK -- A female suspect in her 20s is now in custody and facing charges for yesterday’s murder committed at San Fransokyo Comic Con. The victim’s name has not been released to the public, but appears to be a male in his mid 20s. The suspect is awaiting her trial tomorrow in Daikonia’s District 1 Superior Court.

Officials have not yet released a statement regarding the suspect’s motives, but have assured us of their confidence that the suspect, who was found at the scene of the crime, was the only one with the opportunity to commit the murder. The trial will be held tomorrow morning in the court of Judge Joe Weathers.

The Case Of the Comic Convict is a courtroom mystery LARP inspired by Ace Attorney, Perry Mason, and Matlock, with just as much legal system accuracy. The game will challenge its players as a group to uncover the what really happened the night of the murder through the prosecution and investigation of the case. Some players will take the single role of lawyers or the judge, while others will switch between playing members of the jury, witnesses, and investigative team, like in a horde LARP.

This game includes accounts of death, family separation anxiety, attempted sexual abuse, and violent crime which will be discussed by the players in character, but not acted out. It is therefore not appropriate for children, though there is nothing in the game a person couldn't see on prime time televisions programs such as NCIS or Law & Order. The game is recommended for players 16+; if you have any questions please contact us at our e-mail address ( )

Hauptman, Greer

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Zach, aka Greer, is a founding member of Truth Sans Justice, a librarian by inclination and trade, and completely unsure about everything else.

Malonzo, Isabel

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Young, Li-Chi

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