Collision Imminent!

Author(s):John Corrado Jr., Anne Cross, Jeff Diewald, Philip Goetz, David Lichtenstein, Michael McAfee, Don Ross, Alex Thorn, Mark Waks
Game EMail:diewald AT comcast DOT net
Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald    diewald AT comcast DOT net
Susan "nikin" Giusto    niikiin AT gmail DOT com
Tim "Teem" Lasko    timlasko AT gmail DOT com
Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon    cdmccutcheon AT comcast DOT net
Barry Tannenbaum    barry DOT tannenbaum AT gmail DOT com
Organization:TNT Productions
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Male Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 5
Female Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 5
Neutral Characters:Min: 19 / Max: 30
Total Characters: Min: 25 / Max: 40
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COLLISION IMMINENT! Can someone turn that alarm off? Please report to your assigned lifepod station immediately... Have you seen Fifi? Why does that engineer look worried? ...where a trained and friendly Imagineerium™ starship cruise line crewmember will help you... Did you hear that thump? COLLISION IMMINENT! What do you mean I can't get another Rigellian Core Meltdown to go? What am I supposed to drink while I wait? Is the air getting thin in here? safely board a lifepod that will carry you to rescue in the unlikely event of an actual evacuation... COLLISION IMMINENT! Will an officer please report to the Leo Deck? Daddy? Do you know where my Daddy is? Please do not panic! COLLISION IMMINENT!

TNT Productions is proud to present the lucky thirteenth run of Collision Imminent! Come join the unexpected end of the maiden voyage on the newest and most luxurious starliner of the Imagineerium™ fleet. Play one of the crew or several of the passengers in this fast-paced horde style LARP that was a smash hit in twelve prior runs spanning many years and two continents!

Collision Imminent! is a horde-style game. There are a limited number of parts designed to run through the entire course of the game. There are a significantly larger set of small parts - characters who come on, do some kind of character bit, and then exit. Players in the "horde" get to do many of these roles during the course of the game. There isn't any waiting around for the horde - we're trying to simulate a whole spaceliner full of strange and interesting passengers - so there's lots to do!

Warnings: this game is LOUD, as there will be a lot of shouting and yelling - it certainly is the loudest game we know. A few of the horde bits have mature themes. There is a Meezle, and you know how they can be. Some characters are expendable and (we hope) will die cinematic deaths.

As such, the game is open to younger players, with parental guidance.

Diewald, Jeff

2016 marks Jeff's thirtieth year writing, running, and playing LARPs. He'd been writing, running and playing "Intercon-style" LARPs for ten years before going to his first Intercon - Intercon XI in 1996.

Jeff organized the bid for the first Boston Intercon, convincing the then Interactive Literature Foundation that there was a strong collection of volunteers capable of creating a new set of conventions worthy of the Intercon name. Thus, Jeff became the con-chair for Intercon the Thirteenth. No one on the team had run a convention before, but they must have done something right, because look where we're at today. Jeff has been part of the staff for every Boston Intercon, working at times as the head of Outreach and Advertising, head of the Bid Committee, Treasurer, Vice-Chair for Intercon XV, and many other important roles. For the last several years, Jeff has been a member of the Bid Committee, asking a lot of friends to run their games at the con, trying to get them to write better blurbs in the process. He may have had something to do with the fact that we now use letters for the con. Jeff has also been part of the Bid Committee for Consequences, our British friends' annual LARP convention. Jeff has run several Build Your Own Game seminars at and outside of Intercon, including the first three at NELCO. Jeff can frequently be found on LARP panels and assisting in seminars. Jeff created and manages the NEIL portion of the website. Jeff is a long-standing member of the NEIL board.

Jeff, and TNT Productions since 2001, have written and run many LARPs you've probably heard about or played at Intercons (Boston, New Jersey, and Baltimore), the Festival of LARPs, SLAW, Dia de los Sobres, Consequences (in the UK), and in standalone runs. These include Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP, Across the Sea of Stars, and The Tales of Irnh. The complete list of LARPs where Jeff has been part of the creative team can be found on his website. Recently, Jeff has also been AGMing or running games written by others, notably several runs of Brian Williams' Hello, You Must Be.... At Intercon O, there was a game Jeff had been part of creating or was GMing in every slot of the convention from Friday night through Sunday morning.

Jeff looks to play in new and interesting LARPs whenever possible, to find those quiet, intense, intimate moments, to lead on occasion, to struggle with a character's internal dilemma, to give the other players juicy opportunities to enhance their games, and to look for ideas and mechanics he can steal and repurpose for his own LARP efforts. He has tried nearly every kind and style of LARP he's run across. He has been known to travel great distances to play in interesting LARPs. In one recent four week span, he went to Chicago to play in the latest Whately game, ran The Tales of Irnh the next day, flew to Poland two weeks later to teach alchemy at the College of Wizardry weekend long LARP in Czocha Castle, then traveled to Dorset in the UK to play in five different LARPs at Consequences as well as running Hello, You Must Be... for the fourth time.

The bottom line: Jeff loves to LARP wherever and whenever he can. Please invite him to LARPs you're running, and be on the lookout for LARPs he'll run at the drop of a hat.

Giusto, Susan

A 'nikin' is small furry and different.

This nikin helps keep others amused, provides energy, supplies magic and gives good massages. This nikin inspires great writings and weirdings of the LARP like variety. This particular nikin enjoys playing in LARPs as well as creating them. This one makes LARPs happen with the TNT gang. This particular nikin also provides creative counsel to the wonderous art for Intercon. This nikin needs a hug.

Lasko, Tim

Tim has been LARPing for over twenty-five years and attending Intercon conventions since 1998. He has been involved in making them happen since 2002, including being ConChair for Intercon D and Intercon J. He has been happy to serve as Your Registrar for many of these years.

As part of TNT Productions, he has helped bring several LARPs to Intercon conventions, including Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP (which was created by an offhand comment he made), You'll Be Safe Here, A Night at Club Ivory, Across the Sea of Stars and several others.

McCutcheon, Charlie

I blame my cat. So far, he's not denying it, although he does sleep a lot. I've role played for many years, and helped GM for a few more. Someday I might get good at this...

Tannenbaum, Barry