Jamais Vu [JV 1]

Author(s):primary writers: Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Eric Hanson. co-writers for later runs: Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley
Game EMail:larp AT lists DOT labcats DOT org
Elizabeth "Beth" Bartley    ebartley AT pobox DOT com
Joshua "Josh" Kronengold    mneme AT io DOT com
Julian Lighton    jl8e AT fragment DOT com
Lisa Padol    drcpunk AT labcats DOT org
Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor    stihor AT nyc DOT rr DOT com
Organization:A Mad Tea Party production run by Straightjackets Optional
Home Page:http://larp.tihor.com/jv.html
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 6 / Max: 24
Total Players: Min: 6 / Max: 24

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Jamais Vue - the sensation of never having seen something you know you already saw. Inspired by the great games of the genre.

There's a corpse on the food cart, stars outside the window, and a room full of people wearing "Hi My name is" badges and confused looks. Clearly you missed something. Who are you again? Who are these other people? And why do you find yourself liking some of these people you don't know and suspicious of others?

You have four hours to find out who you are and why you are here, or at least to deal with the problems facing you before ... well, bad things happen. Figuring out what your goals are wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Flexible casting with problems to challenge your creativity and your social skills in an almost plausible world.

This game is an updated version of the one run at Intercon F. If you played in that one sign up for Presque Vu instead. But ahve your friends sign up for both.

Bartley, Elizabeth

Beth Bartley was cheerfully grabbed for the Straightjackets Optional team a few years ago. Last year the whole crew (Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, Lisa Padol, and Julian Lighton) ran Ghost Fu: The Jade Emperor's Celestial Tournament. LARPs GM'd before that include Mad Scientists II (with Stephen Tihor and Joshua Kronengold), the second and third runs of Jamais Vue (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), two runs of Hot Tub I / Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), two runs of Hot Tub II / Hot Tub o' Magic (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), and one run of Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular (with Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol.)

Kronengold, Joshua

Joshua Kronengold has been LARPing since 1993 and running/writing games since early this century (let's ignore the full weekend game that started development in the mid 90's 'till it's done, Ok? Ok.). Games he's written part of included a few memory loss games, mad scientist gmaes, a couple of games set in a hot tube, and a martial arts game called Ghost Fu.

Rumors that he was dropped off by aliens on this planet for the sole purpose of LARPing are, sadly, exaggerated.

Lighton, Julian

Julian found himself drafted into writing and running Ghost Fu last year. Not having learned from this experience, he's writing another LARP, and running two.

Padol, Lisa

Lisa Padol has been playing in larps since 1988, starting with the full weekend game, Double Exposure. She has been running and writing larps since 2000 (ignoring Dark of the Moon, a 10-years-old, still-in-development, full-weekend larp project).

She helped run the playtest of the never published Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition (with Joshua Kronengold, Batya and Alex Wittenburg, Merav Hoffman, Jon Lennox, and Eugene Reynolds), and assisted in a run of Appalachian Wedding (with Ben Llewellyn and Joshua Kronengold). Stephen Tihor recruited her for the Straightjackets Optional team, where she helped run add write Mad Scientists I (with Stephen Tihor and Joshua Kronengold, and with extra help from Erik Hanson and Matthew Stevens), and helped run and write Jamais Vue (with Stephen Tihor and Erik Hanson, with help from Matthew Stephens for the first run, and with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Elizabeth Bartley for the second run) and Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races (with Stephen Tihor, Elizabeth Bartley, and Joshua Kronengold). She has also helped run Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular.

Current projects include future games in the Jamais Vue and hot tub series, and Dark of the Moon.

Tihor, Stephen

Stephen has been around for a while.

He has been playing in LARPs since the days of the first Arabian Nights game. He was part of the team writing and GMing such games as Cocobanana (at an ancient Intercon) and RSVP (at DEXCON 1) and some smaller projects run at Columbia University Games Club events.

His name can also be found in other games—from SPI board games to the old West End Games Star Wars to the recent Marvel Universe Super Hero Role Playing Game. In his free time, he amuses himself with fine art photography, computer security work for the US Economy, a Nero game, and other such diversions. He also owns a small piece of a record.

Current projects include the Jamais Vue series of amnesia games, inspired by the kick ass time he had assisting the first run of Tabula Rasa, and the Bathes series of hot tub games—cause hanging in the pool while gaming really does mellow out power politics. He has also work on other Straightjackets Unlimited projects such as Ghost Fu and the Mad Scientists series of games.