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Across the Sea of Stars
by Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko, Barry Tannenbaum

The Klorn were ancient before anyone found them, a race so old that they must be one of the first to rise to sentience. Until now, they have resisted every effort to bring them into the Coterie - but everything you know about the Klorn is wrong... The Klorn have unexpectedly agreed to consider joining the Coterie, if representatives of the various races will tell the tales of how each of them came to the Coterie.

This is the history of the future, a science fiction game that ranges across the galaxy and beyond. It's a tale telling game, inspired by Tales of Pendragon and Arabian Nights, where you step into smaller vignettes throughout the game. It's a game unlike most others you've probably played before. You get to recreate stories new and stories familiar, playing characters legendary and forgotten, as humans and aliens set sail Across the Sea of Stars.

ADGNEPSEF555: Groundhog Recess
by Akira Barnes
Experience the magic of grade school... with the help of a disintegrator ray. Welcome to Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super- Elementary Fortress 555! Rediscover recess with classmates who are kensai, psychics, superheroes and more in an anime-themed cross-dimensional grade school. Dice and crayons provided. TV Y7 rated.

All's Well That Ends
by Russell Harris, Heidi Kaye, Anthony Winter, Jane Winter and AJ Smith
Plague stalks the streets of Elizabethan London. The Swan Theatre has been closed, and tonight's performance of Kit Marlowe's well-received Doctor Faustus has been cancelled. Disgrunted patrons and theatre folk alike are crammed into a low tavern, The Final Curtain - the very place that Marlowe's corpse was discovered just hours previously.

An Un-Conventional Odyssey
by Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich
Your car had broken down on the way to Ithacon, where you were going to to play in that cool Vampire LARP. People keep showing up, but they're kinda... useless. Stoners, rednecks, creepy truckers and... zombies?

A comedic Horde minigame of epic proportions, where the journey comes TO the characters as they're stuck in one place.

Arcana: Complete the Circle
by Sean Jaffe, Matthew Volk

After a century of silence, today the Thresholds open. Gone are the memories of the short lived humans and the thresholders of the Arcanum who protect the weak mortal world.

Will the Arcanum's Magisters and unruly Guttersnipes rally together to stop demonbourne Candleflax from infecting our world again?

Blue Archangel
by Kirt Dankmyer
Something is wrong aboard the Blue Archangel... Is it an alien life form, a spy, a rogue android, or a time traveler? Or all of the above?

Bruno the Bandit
by Cynthia Wakefield
In the palace at Suna, King Xerxes of Rothland is celebrating his birthday. In a tavern on the other side of town, the worst of Rothland's criminals eye the festivities hungrily. WILL the redoubtable Constable Oswold succeed in keeping the criminals contained? Or WILL Bruno the Bandit and his cohort succeed in robbing the partygoers blind? Based on the Bruno the Bandit comic strip (

Casino Xeno
by Andy Kirschbaum, Will Wagner
Gambling, Blackmail, Innuendo, Crime, Suspense, High Tech Hijinx, a cash bar, and did we mention Gambling? Join us at Casino Xeno for the time of your life! Or maybe someone else’s…

by Renee Cyr
Help serve Intercon breakfast, lunch and dinner

Darkness & Steel
by Tiffany Hexter/Marcy Canterbury
The Four Thrones unite on the Isle of The Damned. As the war rages against the Eclipse, the heroes now must turn to help the shattered outpost of Dawn's Refuge. The missing must be saved and evil destroyed. Join the ranks of The Realm of Seasons to route this evil. For ages 16 and up.

Diamond Geezers
by Sue Lee, Graham Arnold, Tym Norris, Clare McNalll (UK Freeforms)
Borrowing heavily from the universe of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Layercake and Snatch, this short and potentially rather silly game gives you the chance to release your inner East London Gangster.

Dreams of Peace, Dreams of War
by Peter Litwack
The Galactic Civil War is over... if you can keep hostilities from breaking out in this conference room!

Elanthia Fantasy Masquerade Ball
by Alison Joy Schafer
Elanthia is a Fantasy Medieval Masquerade Ball LARP of intrigue, thrones, politics, forbidden romance, magic, and deception...all from behind a mask!

An old, traditional, and long standing Monarchy. A new and hopeful Matriarchy. An independent nation, filled with scholars and scientists. A religious caste, trying to keep peace. What of the Elves, Dwarfs, and Halflings? Guests from all over the realm will invited to the Ball. Will they bring wishes of friendship or secret motives?

Everything Must Go
by Jason Hubbard, Carlos Coral, Ben Reinhart
The Bipartisan International Espionage Group Enterprise (BIEGE) is closing its offices forever and liquidating all assets. Industry leaders and private interests take notice! This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire the treasures of decades of world-class intelligence operations. Offer valid for a limited time only!

Future Imperfect: Gulag
by Jonathan Dale, Derek Herrera, Thomas Schlapp
Mythical Journeys: Gulag pits you against a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) prison as you try to escape. Based on the campaign world for "Mythical Journeys: Future Imperfect", it's you against the security systems that stand in the way of freedom!

GM Space
by Sharone Horowit-Hendler and Jared Hite
GMing group Nameless Dreamings is running the newest game in a popular trilogy based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Of course, it's never as easy as it sounds... GM Space is a comedic partial horde game with no shame or decency.

In Og, No One Can Hear You Scream. (Technically, that's a lie)
by John Kammer
Survival as a caveman isn't easy. There are many obstacles the complete lack of Starbucks being the least of your worries. But when a huge monolith appears in your watering hole one morning the smart ones around you figure something is different.

Intercon Zi
by Janet Brennan and a Complex Number of Gamemasters

Add an imaginary dimension to your reality!

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could play more games at an Intercon, come experience the high frequency thrill of playing as many as four different games in a four-hour block at Intercon Phasor-Z, the world's most complex four-hour Intercon!

Intergalactic Criminal Police Organization Annual Convention
by Cynthia Wakefield

It was a banner year for the Intergalactic Criminal Police Force. So many promising recruits, so many spectacular arrests. Now, at the national convention, a crime has been committed that even INTERGALPOL may not be able to solve.

Players will be bidding characters of their choice from pre-existing fictional sources (within certain guidelines), who will be worked into the story by our writing team.

Iron GM Game
by The Iron GM Contestants
We're taking four GM teams and giving them each 24 hours to write a game based on three secret "theme" ingredients, which they will have no prior knowledge of. You can play in said games, and help decide which team will win the cash prize! No one knows what the games will be like, but we do know they'll be fun!

It Was Space But They Heard Her Scream
by Jim and Kelly MacDougal presented by Kelly Macdougal and Andrew Zorowitz
It is the first World Science Fiction Convention to be held in space. Programming problems, computer mishaps and a murder make it an event destined to live in fannish lore forever.

Jamais Vu [JV 1]
by primary writers: Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Eric Hanson. co-writers for later runs: Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley
There's a corpse on the food cart, stars outside the window, and a room full of people wearing name badges and confused looks. Clearly you missed something ... like who you are.

You have four hours to solve the problems facing you before ... well, bad things happen.

If you have played Jamais Vu before sign up for Presque Vu instead. But have you friends sign up for both

League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students
by Lise Fracalossi, Matt LeVan
It's 1864 in wizarding England, and Hogwarts is holding a Welcome Ball for a new group of first-years, including one of Queen Victoria's own children. The Ball is not complete, however, without blood feuds, Egyptian artifacts, deduction, crimes both petty and foul, dancing, and several extraordinary individuals who will no doubt be immortalized in future fiction.

Magical Life
by Carol Young, Tom Vorhies, Nathan Perelman
In the year 1970, Strawhog School of Spellcraft and Sorcery will hold its 200th freshman orientation. It promises to be a fun-filled evening of discovery and learning. But why does it all seem to be going wrong?

Marlowe 2020: Renegade Edition
by Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich
There are some who say that Christopher Marlowe actually wrote Shakespeare's plays. By the year 2020, everyone is too busy backstabbing each other for pocket change to care.

Martha Stewart's Guide to Interdimensional Summoning (and Basting a Turkey)
by Haz Harrower
Celebrity sponsors are uberchic right now - perfume, clothing, rehab - and there are some pretty surprising ones out there. Now the divine Kitchen Witch's success can be yours, too. For a price.

Martha's secret little helper wasn't a Cuisinart after all. Who knew?

by Laura "Laura47" Boylan, Kathleeen Clark-Adams, Sarah Dee
Fat Tuesday at Marie Leveau's famous party. Come for intrigue, voodoo, sex, and absinthe! This game is not appropriate for minors.

Muppet Purgatory
by Beth Baniszewski, Diane Christoforo, William Lowenthal

The entire cast and crew of the Muppet Show were killed in a tragically hilarious accident. Now they are stuck in Purgatory awaiting Judgement. But the disposition of their souls does not rest upon their earthly deeds. No. They must perform for their salvation. God and Satan are watching.

by Sam Hariton & Andrew Militello
The Intercon I Operations Crew takes care of ensuring the cogs of the con keep on turning. Whether it's handing out registration packets, setting up for the raffle, helping players find games, or any of the dozens of other things that come up, Ops needs volunteers like you to make it happen.

Peanuts Reunion
by Jim Husband, Anna Bradley
Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the gang from Peanuts have gathered at Schroeder's piano concert and Pigpen's archeological presentation. They have not seen each other in ages and now they are thrown together by the event of the year.

Piñata / Poco Pon Paco
by Brandon Grinslade
Piñata land is all's the last day before the latest batch of Piñatas is shipped off to the human world to be worshiped as idols and gods! But something sinister lies at the core of this peaceful land¦ Will you take on the role of the Brave Piñatas, the minions of the evil Paco, or stand with the Liberationales, freedom fighters who are trying to save the Piñatas from their fate?

Plan Eight From Outer Space
by Mike Young
The People of Earth are stupid! They have the capacity to build a device which could destroy the Universe. We are part of this universe and must stop them. But how...

Prawn 4: Heroes of the Sea
by Rita Flaherty
This game will get you wet, make you laugh, and turn you into a sea creature!The Prawn legacy continues with the next chapter in the saga. This time, the tank denziens are faced with a world devouring peril as they attempt to band together to save their home from destruction. It's time for the fish to show their true colors and rise to the challenge of becoming the Heroes of the Sea!

Presque Vu [JV 2]
by Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Joshua Kronengold
There's a corpse on the table, stars outside the window, and a room full of people wearing name badges and confused looks. Clearly you missed something ... like who you are.

You have four hours to solve the problems facing you before ... well, bad things happen.

A different amnesia game form the folks who brought your Jamais Vu and GhostFu.

Shadow Over Babylon
by John D'Agosta, Eddy Karat and Susan Weiner
In Iraq, a peculiar terrorist attack has killed more than 1000 people, leaving one survivor mentally deranged. Shadow Over Babylon is a game of political intrigue and Lovecraftian horror. The game takes place at a diplomatic meeting between Iraqi officials, insurgent groups and representatives from the UN, the US and military contractors.

Sith Lords: The Dark Side
by Anandi Gandolfi, Andy Kirschbaum
The Jedi believed that the Sith had been destroyed.

They were wrong. The Sith survived and now are again strong in number... poised to burst forth again.

The Lords of the Sith meet tonight to decide how they shall take command of the weaklings that the rest of the universe has become.

Will you be among them?


Speed Dating
by Trey Reilly
Everybody wants to meet somebody - that special someone, that soulmate, that person to spend the rest of your life (or just a few nights) with. Speed Dating* is quick, easy, and it's fun! Come meet new people, have a few laughs, and maybe meet the person of your dreams!

by Alex Bradley, Chad Bergeron
Dixon is a mean town. If you ain't The Law, you're probably against it. Every day games of life and death play out in the streets, and amongst the shifting allegiances of outlaws and renegades only the sheriff stands firm. Now the guns are drawn and pointing at everyone as the sun beats down on a standoff.

Starship Edsel
by Brandon Brylawski, Colby Perkins
Every large organization has a garbage dump: a place where all the malcontents, insubordinates, and incompetents are sent. A place where dreams are crushed like bugs.

Yes, even Starfleet.

Set phasers on cringe for

Starship EDSEL

You'll never have so much fun being doomed!

Story Wars: Episode Six - Return of the Princess Bride
by Eric Wirtanen & Kreg Segall

Welcome to Story Wars, the sequel to School for Young Women. This game is set in the far flung future and
will feature famous sci-fi characters such as Han Solo, John Crichton, Scorpius, Rimmer, Jayne Cobb, Londo
Mollari, Rose Tyler, Samantha Carter, Kaylee and many more. It's graduation time, so romance and intrigue
are in the air.

Super-Villain Academy
by Marc Blumberg and Friends
It's Graduation Day - time for the annual cocktail reception, where the Headmaster schmoozes Alumni for donations, the faculty gets drunk and hostile, and the top students get to show off their graduation projects. What a time for one of the Deathtraps to go missing…

That Space Game
by Gordon Olmstead-Dean
A light science fiction game, a semi-serious parody of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Bab 5, Dune, and numerous other classic SF shows or movies. This is a sort of old school game where a serious plot is mated with funny, slightly over the top characters.

The Galactic Emperor Is Dead
by Original game by Mike Young and Jeannie Whited. Second Edition by Mike Young
The Galactic Emperor is Dead. Who killed him? Find a new one. Deal with silly politics. Fight the invading armada. Play all weekend!

The Madrian Secret
by Q D, Kathleen De Smet
Madria was once a welcoming world until their long war with neighboring Luatha ended mysteriously and all contact was cut off. That was twenty years ago and no one has any idea what has happened on Madria since. Rumors have never settled down and it is said that ships and pilots sometimes go missing in area. What really is going on down there? Join us on Madria to find out.

The Other Other* All-Batman Game
by Philip, Jennifer, and Valerie Kelley
Batman and Robin have been defeated by their greatest foes! The citizens of Gotham rise to the occasion but, even disguised as Gotham's greatest defender, can they save their fair city from the villains' nefarious plans? A farce of identities and disguises based on the camp 60's TV show.

The Road Not Taken
by Michael Young

When you are lost in the yellow woods of your life, which road will you travel?

The Road Not Taken is a serious event about choices and consequences, dealing with emotions and psychodrama, using the Ten Bad LARPs format. It is recommended for mature players.

Time Travel Review Board
by John D'Agosta, Susan Weiner, Nat Budin, Josh Rachlin
On December 1st, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104. History will be made (and unmade) as a horde of would-be time travelers descend upon our beleaguered review board.

Tithing Times
by Tegan L. Hendrickson
Tonight is the night of the Great Hunt. The Fae have gathered to celebrate and from the gathered numbers, the Tithe to Hell must be paid.

To Kill a Vampire
by Melanie Saunders
In dark ages drenched in magic and chivalry, threats are everywhere. A vampire has descended upon the quaint village of Granvaid and begun to terrorize the inhabitants. It is for that reason (and the copious reward) that travelers of all sorts have flocked there for the hunt.

Tonight at Eight
by Colin Sandel and Arachne8x
You're in love! You haven't ... met the object of your affection, but that will change tonight.

Carrying a book and flower (so your Dear Friend will recognize you), you head to Maraczek's Cafe.

Unless another couple chooses the same accessories (and why would they?), the stage is set!