Mystery at The Fairy Tale Reservation

Author(s):Nuance Shaffer
Game EMail:shadowraven AT yahoo DOT com
Nuance "Nu" Bryant    shadowravyn AT yahoo DOT com
Shaughn Bryant    shogunhb AT hotmail DOT com
Organization:Pandora's Mailbox
Male Players:Min: 5 / Max: 7
Female Players:Min: 5 / Max: 7
Neutral Players:Min: 5 / Max: 7
Total Players: Min: 15 / Max: 21

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In the jungle of a modern day Moscow, a parcel of land has been set aside. It sits there, under its glass dome. Inside are creatures of the fantastic. There is the hydra. The three bears are romping through the woods. Baba Yaga lives in her hut, on welfare. Koshey, while immortal, has arthritis. It is not paradise, but it is a living.

Not all is well here though. Something is wrong. People are disappearing. Why is Ivan the Stupid suddenly taking the SATs? The humped horse is wearing a back brace? Something is up, but what?

There will be Russian Fairy Tales. There will be fantastic creatures. There will be time travel. There will be a mystery to solve. What is going on? Only you can tell.

Bryant, Nuance

Nuance thinks you all should come to Lunacon, the New York SFF con. Really, you should. It's very fun.

She'll be 26 on Sunday, March 2nd. You should shower her with hugs, praise, and presents. Likes include long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach, and other beach-related activities. Dislikes include writing bios and talking about herself in the third person.

In addition to Mystery at the Fairy Tale Reservation, Nuance has also helped write It Happened This Way, and Unhallowed Metropolis. This is her fourth Intercon. It might also be the year she finally learns people's real names, as refering to someone as "That-guy-that-I-LARPed-with-last-year" gets really old really fast

She married Shaughn Bryant in May. This makes her very happy.

Bryant, Shaughn