Forgive Me Father

Author(s):Cynthia Wakefield and Caroline Cooper
Game EMail:cynthia AT immortalsociopaths DOT org
Caroline Cooper    cdcooper42 AT comcast DOT net
Cidney Hamilton    kirowen AT gmail DOT com
Cynthia (Raistlin) "Cyn" Wakefield    cynthiarose AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Immortal Sociopaths
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Male Players:Min: 10 / Max: 13
Female Players:Min: 10 / Max: 12
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Total Players: Min: 20 / Max: 25

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Constantia: a place of peace, a place of prosperity, a place of knowledge and wisdom. A place where any, noble or peasant alike, may take up the Path of the Shield and lay down his arms or the Path of the Sword and lay down his life in support of his nation and his faith. The Dominus Church, the Earthly vessel of the voice of the Holy Prophet Dami, spreads its beneficent hand across the map, governing the individual nations wisely and well. From the Holy City, the Center of the Dominion, the Holy Father of the Church (advised by the Carmine College) is truly the master of the world.

But now the Holy Father of the Dominus Church has been struck down in the prime of his extreme old age. In accordance with the ancient traditions, the heir to the Holy Father's soul has been found and brought to the Center of the Dominion in Borgia for his investiture. Representatives from all the nations of Constantia have come to the ceremony to pay their respects and offer due homage to the new bearer of the Coronet.

Oh, and they've also come to lie, cajole, steal, trade favors, declaim angrily at their enemies, attempt to seduce their allies, suborn high officials, ferret out each others' spies, curry favor with the Holy Father's retainers, and in general make an utter nuisance of themselves.

There's the little matter to deal with of reported plague in Borgia. Oh, and infighting between rival underground organizations within the Church itself. There's the minor problem of one of the ambassadors being bound and determined to start a war with someone. The isolated backwater nation of Simurgh has sent a delegation clad in wealthy finery of unknown origin, and their ambassador is behaving rather oddly. And the new Holy Father's boyfriend isn't happy with any of this at all.

Forgive Me, Father is a lighthearted tale of warmongering, prejudice, deceit, intrigue, and lust, set against a backdrop of not-quite-Middle-Ages-Europe.

Cooper, Caroline

Hamilton, Cidney

Wakefield, Cynthia (Raistlin)

Cynthia Wakefield does not exist. She is a fictional character created by serial novelist Charles Dickens in homage to actress Ellen Ternan, contained within the unpublished work Squire Roland completed one year after his death.

Only a handful of manuscripts of Squire Roland remain; one of them is said to have inspired Virginia Woolf's Orlando, while another fell into the hands of Dickens scholar Joseph Waite and is believed to be instrumental in his unanticipated change of career from antiquarian to serial murderer. The majority of copies are contained within the Vatican Z-Collection.

The physical Cynthia Wakefield is a manifestation of the combined belief of readers of Squire Roland, in much the same way as many believe Sherlock Holmes, the Dread Pirate Roberts, and Zachary Taylor to have been actual individuals. She has made arrangements (whose nature will be omitted for the sensitive) so that at all times, somewhere in the world, the paragraphs, sentences and words of Squire Roland are leaping and gamboling through someone's mind, leaving ruin in their wake.