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... For Art's Sake
by "C.K. Traveler" (Cynthia Wakefield), Liliya Benderskaya, C. Victoria Root
The Westridge Academy of the Arts provides its students with an ideal environment to hone their creative abilities. Tonight celebrates the reopening of the West Gallery for student use. "... For Art's Sake" is a drama in one act on the topics of love, rebellion, honesty and self-expression.

10 Bad Modules in 100 Bad Minutes
by Gordon Olmstead-Dean, Eric Johnson
With the Dark Blessings of Nat, Susan, et. al, we present "10 Bad Modules in 100 Bad Minutes," expanding the well loved (yeah right!) 10 Bad franchise into our speciality - Campaign Games. Play the worst modules evar. Warning, this game will be extremely offensive to almost everyone.

A Serpent of Ash
by J. Tuomas Harviainen
A larp about the dark side of religion: What happens when former cult members meet again? What has been left unsaid? A discourse-oriented game for 6-12 players that has been run at major conventions in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.

A Toast to Dean Edgell
by Friends & Acquaintances
You are welcome to join us for an out-of-game toast to Dean Edgell, who passed away December 30th, just a few weeks ago. The room will be available for folks to hang out and share stories and memories of Dean, if they wish to. Contact Kate with questions, if there are any. No signup is necessary to participate-- bring your cup and/or beverage to toast at midnight on Friday night.

by Phoebe Roberts
In Alice, a game of dark fantasy, players take on the personas of twisted versions of the characters in Lewis Carroll's famous children's novels, in a strange subreality called Wonderland. Each character's struggles and intrigues swirl around the strange comings and goings of a lost, troubled girl called Alice, as they work to control, escape, or survive the mad trap that is Wonderland.

An Un-Conventional Odyssey
by Kirt Dankmyer, Jon Lemich
Your car had broken down on the way to Ithacon, where you were going to to play in that cool Vampire LARP. People keep showing up, but they're kinda... useless. Stoners, rednecks, creepy truckers and... zombies?

A comedic Horde minigame of epic proportions, where the journey comes TO the characters as they're stuck in one place.

And They Were As Gods
by Carol Young, Dan Kolligan, Andrew Zorowitz and the Foam Brain Staff
Welcome to the end of the world. After all - you've all worked so hard for it, how could you not be excited for the grand finale? Tonight, Old Mimi's cult shall meet for the final time - and complete its task of summoning things better not spoken. Fortunately, as a member, you'll have a front row seat for all the fun!

And Thunder Shall Roll
by Janet Brennan, Vance Walsh
In Basin, Arizona, the goodly and the wicked tread dusty streets side by side. Slim Thompson’s put together a gunslinger shootout to bring the best of the best to his humble little gold mining town. There’s a storm brewin’ over Basin and the fate of the town hangs on fervent prayers, backroom deals and flying bullets. No one will be safe once the thunder rolls.

Another Life
by Anandi Gandolfi
Who Am I? This is the eternal question that stands the center of every life, but how can any life be judged until that life is complete. As every moment redefines every moment that has come before.

Every faith has a different theory about what happens when we die. Only when we pass deaths door can we truly know!

As the Sun Falls
by Jesse Cox, Danielle Reese, Ariel Segall, Susan Weiner
It is the eve of the Sunfall War. The hosts of heaven are arrayed against each other, and nature turns against itself. The leaders of the tribes of man have gathered for a last council before the darkness falls.

Blackie's Bar & Grill, Grand Cayman
by Kelly & Mac MacDougal
The Grand Cayman Conference was supposed to settle differences between the Super Villain warlords who control much of the world, and the legitimate governments that control the rest. That didn't workout. Tonight's reception is the last chance to push some diplomacy and accomplish something, or to accomplish something of your private agenda, or just to have a few drinks before the conference amnesty ends and you have to get of the island fast. Party with the world's most powerful, dangerous, and unhappy people. Some call this "paradise."

Boorworms Academy of Magic: Homecoming Weekend
by Linda Miller Poore and Cheryl Costa
The wizard community gather annually at Boorworms Academy in upstate New York. Two years have passed since it was revealed that Goblins have had a sinister role at Boorworms. The Headmistress was able to avoid facing irate alumnae and parents by canceling last year’s Homecoming, but she can’t stall any longer: Welcome back!

Brother Ezekiel's Tent Revival
by Will Wagner
Brother Ezekiel is coming to Lomax, NE on February 29 and will be holding services for one night only. You only have one chance to hear the Word! If you value your eternal soul, you will come! Come listen to the Word of the Lord from Brother Ezekiel. Come hear the glory of Heaven itself in the angelic voice of Sister Sarah Maria.

Bunnies & Burrows with Randy Milholland
by Randy Milholland
Randy Milholland, creator of Something*Positive will be running a short tabletop Bunnies & Burrows game. Characters will be provided, and the game will run using streamlined GURPS rules. Note that this is a tabletop RPG, not a LARP.

"GURPS Bunnies & Burrows is a new edition of the classic game originally published in 1976. Completely revised, expanded and converted to GURPS, it presents a world in which player characters are rabbits. . . faced with a land full of monstrous, hungry foes, with humans worst of all!" -SJGames

Con Suite
by Renée Cyr
The heavenly Intercon H Con Suite will be full of hellaciously good (and nutritious) food.

Dark Line
by Keri Ogorzalek and Colin Sandel

You've heard the whispers: the inactive New Washington subway tunnels - the Dark Lines - may not be quiescent after all.


That’s not why your gang is down there today.

Technological and magical gang warfare meet pressure-cooker subterranean trap in an abandoned station beneath New Washington. Welcome to Dark Line.

Desperadoes Under The Eaves
by Rebecca Kletnieks, Jason Schneiderman
A tale of love, drugs, monsters, fugitives, and shifting perceptions set in an unusual California hotel. Based on the works of Warren Zevon.

End of Seasons
by The Lione Board
Will strangers overcome their differences to defeat a common foe or will they fail and damn the land to darkness? Exploration, adventure, and plenty of fighting await you in this High Fantasy boffer LARP brought to you by LIONE and End of Seasons.

Forgive Me Father
by Cynthia Wakefield and Caroline Cooper
The successor to the title of Holy Father of the Dominus Church has been found, and all of the nations of Constantia have sent representatives to the Great City to pay their respects and curry favor. Forgive Me, Father is a lighthearted tale of warmongering, prejudice, deceit, intrigue, and lust, set against a backdrop of not-quite-Middle-Ages-Europe.

Ghost Fu: The Jade Emperor's Celestial Tournament
by Elizabeth Bartley, Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, Lisa Padel, Julian Lighton
Twelve years ago the great Kung Fu tournament was just starting when all the participants were murdered. Today they finally get to start the first round. Of course all contestants are dead but... it's unfinished business. Kung Fu Fighting, Elegant Ladies, Evil Eunuchs, the Afterlife. And something smells odd there...

Harmony at Last
by Josh Marcus
"Harmony at Last" follows a day in the life of author Lawrence Singh, a champion for the elimination of meta-humans. His newest book, however, recants his life's work... although it still advocates meta-humans be put to work in "appropriate jobs". Come see the world react in the Shadowrun world in 2064.

Hell to Pay
by Kreg Segall
A dark comedy that you will think about every time you dine out with friends.

Intercon H Soul Exchange
by Adam Nakama
A stock trading game. With souls.

Intercon Hertz
by your Intercon Hertz gamemasters
More games per second, ouch.

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could play more games at an Intercon, come experience the high frequency thrill of playing as many as four different games in a four-hour block at Intercon Hertz, the worlds most current four-hour Intercon!

L'Enfer, C'est Les Autres
by Colin Sandel, Carlos Coral
Seven people connected by a web of deceit wake up in a locked room. They must work together to uncover the history of how they arrived, uncovering some very unpleasant personal truths in the process.

Last Stop
by Joshua Sheena
Fifteen people take a perfectly normal subway ride through the heart of Boston.

Miskatonic Class Reunion
by Mike Young
Join us for the first reunion ever held at Miskatonic University. It promises to be special...

Muppet Purgatory
by Beth Baniszewski, Diane Christoforo, William Lowenthal
The entire cast and crew of the Muppet Show were killed in a tragically hilarious accident. Now they are stuck in Purgatory awaiting Judgment. But the disposition of their souls does not rest upon their earthly deeds. No. They must perform for their salvation. God and Satan are watching.

Mystery at Hart Manor
by Stephen Kohler
One week ago, the famous philanthropist James Hart was found in his study with his throat slit. His friends have gathered at his manor for the will reading. Of course, everyone is perfectly safe…despite the fact that the murderer has yet to be found...

Mystery at The Fairy Tale Reservation
by Nuance Shaffer
Russia's Fairy Tales of old are living on a reservation at the center of Moscow. Most of them are satisfied with their lot, some are not. But now, something is dreadfully wrong!

Oh God, Everbody's Dying!
by Adam Nakama, Haz Harrower
Post-apocalyptic horde LARP, but not in the usual way. You're the ones sorting the souls of the newly dead. Or dead. Whatever.

Only Mighty Guests
by Carol Young and the Foam Brain Productions Staff
In the city of Cityville, the Masked Thief is running rampant. In response, Consumer Corporation's CEO, Mr. William T. Freeman has called together the best and the brightest to devise a way to stop this fiend... or at least enjoy a free lunch.

by Nat Budin
The Intercon H Operations Crew takes care of ensuring the cogs of the con keep on turning. Whether it's handing out registration packets, setting up for the raffle, helping players find games, or any of the dozens of other things that come up, Ops needs volunteers like you to make it happen.

Purging Purgatory
by Chris Shannon & Bess Libby
Attention denizens of Purgatory. The Pope has declared that we no longer exist. Please proceed to final judgment. Have a happy eternity! Come enjoy a light-hearted, horde-style, metaphysical mystery as you determine the final fate of the original afterlife alternative.

Railways and Respectability
by See Game description
The Prince Regent's birthday party offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the building of Railways across the English countryside. However some members of society consider Romance and Respectability to be considerably more important.

Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, together with a frightening number of Regency Romances meets 18XX.

by Aaron Newman
Roanoke. England’s first colony in the New World, and America’s oldest mystery. Beset by hostile Indians, foreign enemies, rumors of mutiny, famine, plague, and perhaps even the dark forces of Hell itself, spring of 1588 finds the colony on the eve of its destruction.

Salem is Burning
by Scott Bowman, Tim Weaver, Wendy Weaver
Witchcraft and madness rule the night, evil stalks the righteous and worthy. God-fearing people watch their neighbors for signs of corruption.

Sam & Max Hit the Afterlife
by Alex Bradley, Dave Kapell
"DEATH FROM ABOVE!"..."Bad move killing that guy, little buddy. We needed to talk to him, and now we'll just have to drive down to hell and get him back."

Sassy Pirate Wenches on the Island of Stern Viking Jarls
by Eric Wirtanen, Kreg Segall, Cameron Betts
Men are from Scandinavia. Women are from the Carribean.

Yet somehow they learn to communicate.

Skid Row
by Simon Deveau, Patricia Smirnoudis
In Big City, USA life on the streets is hell. Who knows when your next drink, smoke, bag or trick is coming as you cling on to the lip of the toilet bowl of life? Hopefully it will arrive before the gang bangers, crazies, cops or strangers get you…

Survivors of the Naronic
by Tony Mitton, Sue Lee, A J Smith, David Townsend, Theo Clarke
A rip-roaring game of Victorian adventure and intrigue. The survivors of a shipwreck find themselves taken underwater towards an exploding volcano and a lost civilization.

The Last Seder
by Vito D'Agosta, Susan Weiner, Nat Budin, Joshua Sheena
Thirteen friends gather at the home of a controversial figure. Their purpose: to share a meal, to drink some wine, and to recall the story of the Exodus. A science fiction parable across the ages.

The Other Other* All-Batman Game
by Philip, Jennifer, and Valerie Kelley
Batman and Robin have been defeated by their greatest foes! The citizens of Gotham rise to the occasion but, even disguised as Gotham's greatest defender, can they save their fair city from the villains' nefarious plans? A farce of identities and disguises based on the camp 60's TV show.

Under my Skin
by Emily Care Boss
A game about passion, fidelity and definitions of love. Exploring monogamy and polyamory.

Welcome to Sunnyvale
by Sage Shepperd & Joshua Sheena
A short, light LARP that takes place in Sunnyvale retirement home. There are creepy old men, hot young nurses, and even creepy old men hitting on hot young nurses! Bad memories, bad vision, and lots of crazy. "Lots of crazy what?" I'm old! I can use the word crazy any way I want!

Wonderland 2.1 - Wonderland Reloaded
by Andy Kirschbaum
Mad Hatters and March Hares, Red Queens, and Lost Little Girls, Tea Parties, Beheadings, and Bullet Time await those who are brave enough to return to Wonderland! Join us for Wonderland Reloaded, Alice in The Matrix. Which pill will you take? And what will you find Through the Looking Glass?