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'Tis No Deceit To Deceive the Deceiver
by Kreg Segall and Eric Wirtanen
"'Tis No Deceit to Deceive the Deceiver" is a musical, operatic larp, with lots of opportunities for emotional and tuneful scenes on a voyage from England to America.

10 Bad LARPs in 100 Bad Minutes
by Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Greer Hauptman, and several anonymous contributors
Intercon New England's first spectator LARP we're aware of. Ever been talking to a friend and come up with a terrible LARP idea that neither of you will ever, EVER write? Well, here's ten of them. From "Football: the Musical" to "Ku Klux Klan Press Conference," this game has it all.

A Day at the Baths, A Day at the Races
by Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley

A relaxing rest in the baths of republican Rome, during the reign of the dictator Sulla.

History never recorded Sulla's great co-ed bath experiment. Perhaps this game will tell us why.

A Question of Faith
by Steven Martin
The Archpriest is dead, the Gods fall silent, and six odd supplicants show up on your doorstep. Clearly all is not well in the Tower of Thought. You are the best, brightest, and most pious of your generation - if anyone can determine what has happenned, it is you.

A Tale of Time Travel
by Eddy Karat
A Tale of Time Travel is a short parody of time travel in games. The game was designed by a physicist to make your brain hurt.

Across the Sea of Stars
by Lynn Anslow, Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko and Barry Tannenbaum
This is the history of the future.

In the Age of Expansion, starships set out in a thousand different directions, some chosen, some accidental, growing ripples of influence across the sea of stars. When the ripples began to collide and interfere, the galaxy entered the Age of Contact. There were conflicts and conquests, projects and progress. The galaxy grew both larger and smaller, all in the span of a few centuries. As more and more races sailed their ships across the sea of stars, the Coterie emerged, an agreement that spanned the galaxy. The Age of Federation was born. There were still disagreements. Some of them were small, and could be resolved with diplomacy, economics and technology. Some of them were large, waves that threatened to wash across the entire galactic sea, waves that could wipe clean millennia of efforts and quadrillions of lives...

Inspired by Tales of Pendragon and Arabian Nights, you will play characters recreating moments from the history of the future, playing legendary and forgotten figures, telling the tales of the races as they set sail Across the Sea of Stars.

Between a Roc and a Hard Place
by Colin Sandel
Recipe for absurdity: Two fairy-tale Baronies to be joined through matrimony, two betrothed nobles who are forbidden by law to meet, one advisor who mistakenly brings them together, and one mystical bird just for kicks.

Place all ingredients in a small cottage and stir vigorously.

Boorworms Academy of Magic: Governors Election
by Linda Poore and Cheryl Costa
Since 1695, the elite alumni of North America's wizard community have gathered annually at Boorworms Academy to socialize and to conduct the serious business of electing a new governing board. Swirling beneath the surface are tensions over a menacing separatist movement, concerned about muggle entanglements. Gossip! Politics! Magic and Mischief!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
by Steve Hatherley and Tony Mitton

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a 25 player freeform (theatre-style larp) set in the world of the Buffy and Angel tv shows, created by Joss Whedon. The world famous Jonathan is inviting anyone who is anyone to his birthday party - come and help us celebrate it!

by Colin Sandel, Daniel Bates, Keri Ogorzalek
A wake is held, mysteries are revealed, and the fate of a city hangs in the balance. Intrigue, murder, careful alliances, and light snacks. Contracts is a game set in the city of New Washington, 2214 A.D.

by Cathy Raymond
This isn't your body. This isn't the place you remember being. You don't know what happened, or who this body belongs to, but you've got one weekend to figure it out. [This game runs all weekend and may be played concurrently with other games.]

Crisis at Castle Candy
by Beth Baniszewski, Dennis Perepelitsa, Kimberly Beder
Crisis at Castle Candy is a four hour mystery/horror game set in a slightly modified version of the popular board game Candyland. Indulge your sweet-tooth and your bloodlust. Candy provided.

Divus Ex: Greece
by Trey Reilly and Paul Manjourides
You gaze down upon Greece from your home on Mt. Olympus. You alter the destinies of men, control the elements, crush empires on a whim. Mortals build altars and temples in your name, lie prostrate before you, and obey your every word. On Olympus itself, there's romance, drama. mistaken identity, war, betrayal, trickery, laughter, and vengeance - just another day for a Greek God.

Evermore: Fairy Tales from the Dark Side
by Chad Brinkley and Marc Blumberg
In the cracks of the world, through which the forgotten dreams and forsaken places fall, the lunatics and outcasts have founded the last magical kingdom in the world - Evermore. It was once a place of limitless potential, but now the magic seeps away and the monsters prey openly on the unwary. Despite this decay, her majesty - the Queen of Rags - insists on holding the traditional Beltane festival. And so it is that the denizens of Evermore gather for a night of intrigue, romance, and murder in the relams 13th hour. A LARP inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman.

Firefly - The Further Adventures of Serenity
by Vance Walsh
A tale of western frontierism in a world of galactic travel. Based on the television series FIREFLY and movie SERENITY. The crew characters will be available for play.

Grimmer Tales: Arabian Nights
by Will Wagner
The second in the Grimm Tales series, this takes place in the Middle East of the modern day... The characters from the Arabian Nights Tales clash with the modern world.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors
by Gordon Olmstead-Dean
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A game of fast-paced intrigue set in the world of Washington Politics. Players participate in a high realistic emergency response scenario as members of the White House Senior Staff in a high-tension environment. Washington Politics as seen by a Beltway Insider in a style similar to Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing." This is a game for serious political/verbal players, and has excellent and balanced roles for mature and intelligent men and women.

Intercon Z
by A. Bradley, G. Olmstead-Dean, D. Ross, A. Newman, M. Waks, S. Bryant, J. Brennan, A. Kirschbaum, C. Sumner
Intercon is the premier Live Action Role Playing convention in the world. Intercon Z is the world's first four hour Intercon. Come play a variety of strange and interesting roles, packed into an exciting four hours.

Intercon: The Leaving
by Jeannie Whited, Dirk Parham
The con is over, now it's time to go home. But first, you have to pack the car, say your goodbyes, and get out of the parking lot!

It Happened This Way
by Shaughn Bryant, Greg Pettigrew, Nuance Shaffer
War, war is Hell. Christmas is worse. "It Happened This Way" is a game about Christmas Cheer, Egg Nog, and the capricious nature of memory.

Jamais Vue
by primary writers: Stephen Tihor, Lisa Padol, Eric Hanson. co-writers for later runs: Joshua Kronengold, Elizabeth Bartley

There's a corpse on the food cart, stars outside the window, and a room full of people wearing name badges and confused looks. Clearly you missed something ... like who you are.

You have four hours to solve the problems facing you before ... well, bad things happen.

Lord of the Two Lands
by Moira Parham and Suzanne Wayner

A historical LARP of intrigue set at the end of Egypt's 18th Dynasty, a period of great religious and political upheaval, set right after the death of Tutankhamen.

Lorenzo's Blessing
by Tony Mitton
A freeform of Art, Intrigue and Diplomacy set in the Italian Renaissance

Lorenzo's Blessing is based on real characters and events in the height of the Italian Renaissance. The setting is Florence in 1492 and characters from Lucrezia Borgia to Machiavelli have come to pay their respects at the funeral of Lorenzo de' Medici.

Lorenzo was a banker, a merchant, a great patron of the Arts and the ruler of Florence with the hereditary title of 'First Citizen'. His death has left a great hole at the centre of Florentine and Medici affairs which cannot be filled by a single person.

Moving Van
by Jim and Kelly MacDougal
Toys hate moving day, they never know what will happen. Things seemed to be going so well until the crash. Now they aren't sure which way is up, they can hear water running and every once in a while the van slides a little further down the hill. Oh my.

Operation: Red Door
by Cathy Raymond
Actors, scientists, and governmental officials are locked in a hangar outside of Las Vegas with a mere four hours to create a faked Mars landing - or to prevent it from happening, depending on what side of the political spectrum they fall on.

by Anna Bradley
The Intercon F Operations Crew takes care of ensuring the cogs of the con keep on turning. Whether it's handing out registration packets, setting up for the raffle, helping players find games, or any of the dozens of other things that come up, Ops needs volunteers like you to make it happen.

Port Hidalgo
by Philip Kelley, Sean Rhoades, Marc Blumberg, Drew Novick
Pirates, scoundrels, and worse wait out a raging storm on a remote Caribbean island, but more than rum is in the air... destiny watches as old feuds, lost treasures, hidden agendas, and secrets long thought forgotten come to a head in the Golden Age of Piracy.

The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste - Two
by Mac and Kelly MacDougal
Despite what a certain hack writer said, her Final Voyage was not in 1872. She continued to serve until, as part of the most inept insurance scam ever attempted, she was run aground on Dent de Diablo reff in 1884. Now, a team of underwater acheologists believe they have found her final resting place. Join this team and come explore the wreck of the Mary Celeste

The Greater Trumps
by Ken Brown, Hugh Eckert, Dave Singer
Each of the Major Arcana of the Tarot has its own story to tell. Taken together, they create a self-contained world, spinning in the formless void that gives birth to archetypes. This world is coming to an end. Are you ready for the Storm?

The Green Planet
by Anna Bradley
You woke up here. The atmosphere seems breathable. The plants are nice enough, almost tropical. You have found the rest of the crew. None of you seem to know what happened, or if you can fix the ship... and you keep hearing drums.

It was almost the night of the conjunction. The stars were in perfect alignment, just as predicted. And just as predicted one of them was moving rapidly. This was it. The signal you were waiting for. The ritual was going to go perfectly as planned, and your task would be accomplished.

But the gods said "Boom". And here they are now.

The Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day
by Mike Young
The Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day is a strange little LARP set in the Holiday worlds created by Tim Burton.

The Pushcart War
by Tom Russell, Uncle Don Ross
Trucking companies and pushcart peddlers compete for control of the streets of New York. A game of revisionist history (and pea-shooters) based on novelist Jean Merril's account of "The Pushcart War".

Welcome to Scearbridge University
by John D'Agosta, Susan Weiner

Unknown to many, Scearbridge University hosts strange secrets. This weekend, at Scearbridge University's 25th anniversary celebration, with press and new students in attendance, there is the risk of many of these mysteries being uncovered.

by John Kammer, Adrienne Amerman
As the last of the Dragons has entered the End Days the time has come for a new race to guide and protect the provinces. As one of the legendary Wizards you must decide who among you will ascend the throne of power and stop those who would destroy everything.

Wonderland 2.0
by Andy Kirschbaum
Mad Hatters and March Hares, Red Queens, and Lost Little Girls, Caucus Races, Tea Parties, Beheadings and more await those who are brave enough to return to Wonderland! How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Really Go?