The History of New England Intercons

Intercon has a long history, and there are more details elsewhere.

By March of 1996, a number of New England LARPers were travelling down to the Baltimore/Washington DC area to play in games, and to meet up at the southern Intercons. The idea of running a local LARP convention was raised by several people. There'd been a convergence of a number of LARP groups in the Boston area, and it seemed like critical mass was there. On Columbus Day weekend, at Intercon 11.5, the bid for a New England Intercon was accepted.

The first thing that was different about the New England Intercons was the staff. Each southern Intercon had been organized by one or two con chairs, with a small dedicated group of volunteers. Intercon the Thirteenth had a large group of volunteers, sharing the work amongst a much wider set of people. This is the model that we've followed ever since.

The second thing that was different was that, at the first meeting, no one person knew everyone else in the room. Everyone was a newcomer to someone in that room. Organizing a convention was a new thing, so we had to trust people we didn't know to do important jobs. While the original people now know each other, we still follow the model, letting newcomers come in and do important things for the con.

Intercon the Thirteenth (1998)

The first New England Intercon, starting on a Friday the Thirteenth, under a full moon. It was ominous. It was great fun. It had five tracks of games. It was the largest Intercon in Intercon history at that point.

Intercon XIV (1999)

Proving that Intercon the Thirteenth wasn't a fluke, XIV was the second largest Intercon to that point. XIV had five tracks of games, including a weekend long Vampire game, a P.G. Wodehouse game, and a game with the GMs in their own mental institution.

Intercon XV (2000)

The con moved to the Chelmsford Radisson because the Hampton Inn was just too small. There was an X-Files "The LARP Out There" theme. There were pirates, anti-war protesters, a Victorian skyship, and Guy Fawkes, among others.

Intercon A (2001)

Needing a more formal charter, Intercon A was the first convention under NEIL. With a theme of action-adventure, we didn't expect the adventure to be fighting through the snow to get to the con. Despite nearly a foot of snow, almost everyone made it to a great set of games.

Intercon B (2002)

With a theme of B-movies for the con, you can still see some really outrageous B-movie costumes on the commercials for "Chowdah", AT&T's local access channel. Whether it was young wizards in love, cowboys in a strange land, tryouts for an outrageous band, or the return of an angry mummy, people had a great time.

Intercon C (2003)

Celebrating a "century of LARP", Intercon C has the most diverse set of games and GMs in Intercon history to date. It's surpassed Intercon the Thirteenth as the largest Intercon ever. With seven tracks of games, Intercon C has filled up the function space at the Chelmsford Radisson.

Intercon D (2004)

The next Intercon. What stories will you have to tell about it?