The Lunch Society

Author(s):Nomi "Ovi" Siegelman, josh "blee" rachlin
josh "blee" rachlin
Nomi "Ovi" Siegelman
Organization:Geek-and-a-Half Productions
Male Players:Min: 1 / Max: 3
Female Players:Min: 1 / Max: 4
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0

It's an average Saturday in 1985 in the sleepy little town of Sherville, IL. Five students of Southbrook High: a geek, a jock, a goth, a cheerleader, and a rebel, have been sentenced to Saturday detention. These unlikely companions are forced together by their formerly friendly prinicipal, who has recently and inexplicably become cruel and greedy. The rest of the high school is somberly empty, except for the janitor, quietly doing his job.

Soon these seven Sherville residents are going to have more to deal with more than the average horrors of suburban high school and 80's fashions. Strange things have been going on recently in Southbrook High and the surrounding town. The head cheerleader has a college boyfriend that no one's ever seen, the football team has broken five state records in the past week, and the principal has declared attendance to tonight's school dance mandatory. Even worse, the police still have no leads on The Leech; the serial killer who drains his victims of their blood.

This expectedly boring Saturday just might be the time for everything to come to a head. Because, in life, sometimes you’re connected to more people than you think. Sometimes, you're not the only one with a secret. And, sometimes, the strangest things happen in the most normal of places.

Science fiction and cinema fans alike: Come play in this tribute to John Hughes' cult classic, The Breakfast Club. We've retained the setting and underlying themes of the movie, but we've given it a sci-fi make-over. John explored the stereotypes of high school, leaving us to explore the stereotypes of the sci-fi world.

Don't you
forget about me...

rachlin, josh

CLUE #48:

The key lime pie was served by a waiter in a green bow tie with a tatoo of a giraffe behind his left ear.

Keep looking for clues to figure out who stole blee's bio. The first person to submit the correct answer to blee gets to be con-chair next year*!

*The first person to submit the correct answer to blee gets to be con-chair of Boring-con 2006, on Bouvetoya Island, Antarctica. At con-chair's discretion, con can also be held in any of the three Dry Valleys on the Antarctican continent. Con-chair is responsible for his/her own transportation and cold-weather gear.

Siegelman, Nomi

Ovi's LARP-writing Debut

Once upon a time there was a little artsy girl. She meandered about the land, writing poems and drawing pictures, looking at nature and petting cats, reading books and avoiding people.

One day a poofy haired boy with a chicken wrap came along and offered the girl some geekdom.

No! said the girl, I'm busy reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti! Go away. She gave the boy her very best Death Glare.

But the boy only laughed and began to jump about. He waved his arms and suddenly the air was full of things that the girl had never seen before. The boy caught them, one by one, and began to juggle!

The little girl was unable to keep up her Death Glare. She watched, transfixed, as the things circled in the air: dice and card games, LARPs and RPGs, cons and witty buttons, graphic novels and science fiction. And when the boy saw her mouth begin to curl into a smile, he stopped juggling, and caught the things, and laid them out at the little girl's feet.

Good Morning, he said. And he bowed.