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10 Bad LARPs in 100 Minutes
by Nat Budin, Susan Weiner, Greer Hauptman, and several anonymous contributors
Ever been talking to a friend at Intercon and come up with the world's worst LARP idea that neither of you will ever, ever, EVER write? So have we. In fact, here's ten of them. From "Football: the Musical" to "Ku Klux Klan Road Trip" to "MetametametametametaLARP LARP," this game has it all.

A Chrysanthemum in Winter
by Sandy Antunes
A monk sips morning tea,
it's quiet,
the chrysanthemum's flowering.

The mountain hamlet is primitive, but provides respite from bandits. Fourteen ronin enter the hamlet. Fourteen shall leave. A Samurai tale of feudal Japan.

A House Divided
by Andy Kirschbaum & Will Wagner
Tensions run high on a small, experimental scout probe deep in unexplored space. If the crew can keep from killing each other, they must contend with faulty systems, a mysterious illness, incomplete star charts, and a possible alien threat. An intense 4-hour LARP that pushes the boundaries between suspense, horror and science fiction.

A Night of Elizabethan Intrigue
by Caleb Hanson, Anna Bradley
Come enjoy an evening of Elizabethan intrigue in 1595 London. The setting is a tavern on the river Thames, and all the usual, and some not so usual, suspects are here. There are aristocrats and alchemists, explorers and exotic visitors from the New World. Tavern maids and lawyers, and then there's this fellow from Stratford who writes plays. They are all here for different reasons, but what are they all up to? And who are the strange people in the dark corner, and could they have something to do with the rumor about a plot against the Queen?

by Jeannie Whited, Suzanne Wayner, Kathleen O'Brien, Rachel Schmutter
Alcatraz is a lighthearted game of stupid criminals, prison life, and escapism.

All the President's Zombies
by Mike Beddes
Mr. President, we have zombies. Join the cabinet of the President of the United States as they try to sort out the thorny zombie problem. A satiristic political game of negotiation. Note: no zombies actually appear within the game space nor is any player actually the zombie master in disguise. You're all on the same side.

All's Well That Ends
by Anthony Grocock, Russell Harris, Heidi Kaye, Jane Winter, Andrew J Smith
Plague stalks the streets of Elizabethan London. The Swan Theatre has been closed, and tonight's performance of Kit Marlowe's well-received "Dr Faustus" has been cancelled. Disgruntled patrons and theatre folk alike are crammed into a low tavern, "The Final Curtain" - the very place Marlowe's corpse was discovered just hours previously.

by Margaret Landreth and Anandi Gandalfi
The descent into madness is a story that the inmates on Ward C of the Remsford Mental Health facility can tell, but be forewarned that the language of the insane is often hard to sort through. Delusions, hallucinations, compulsions, multiple personalities and memory loss have a way of shrouding reality. But don’t worry. As the inmates of Ward C will tell you, reality is an arguable concept, and fact and fiction are more interwoven than you might think.

Babylon 5: Turning Tides
by Janet Brennan, John Casenelli, Christopher Mello, Chris Pinard, Ray Roberts
It was a new age. It was the end of the beginning. The year is 2267. In its fifth year the Interstellar Alliance and its member worlds - Minbar, Centauri Prime, Earth, the Narn Homeworld - are still reeling from conflict and civil war. As the great powers grow more insular, the lesser races struggle to maintain some semblance of stability. People facing uncertainty become afraid and frustrated. Frustration and fear lead to discontent. From discontent lay the path of war...

Between a Roc and a Hard Place
by Colin "Dog" Sandel
Recipe for absurdity:

Two fairy-tale Baronies to be joined through matrimony, two betrothed nobles who are forbidden from meeting by ancient law, one advisor who mistakenly brings them together, a heaping spoonful of commoners, and one mystical bird just for kicks.

Place all ingredients in a small cottage and stir vigorously.

Carry on at Camp David
by Russell Harris, Steve Hatherley, Liz Jones, Donald Oddy, Mike Snowden and Janet Young.
If you want to know what English people think of American Politics come play Camp David. Warning, this game could be seriously offensive to anyone who cares about foreign nationals taking the p*** out of their political system. Please bring a sense of humour with you. You can check it in at the door!

Casino Xeno
by Will Wagner and Andy Kirschbaum
It was another busy night at Casino Zeneaux, but it wan’t a typical night at all. Aside from the usual blackmail, sex, cheating, and intrigue, there was the alien pretending to be human, the mind reader trying not to get caught cheating, and who knows what else! No wonder they’ve started calling this place Casino Xeno!

by Susan Weiner, Ian Schleifer, John D'Agosta, Erin Price
At a Virginian university, black and white students are fighting the University board for desegregation of the dorms. The year is 2005. It's taken 35 years for the Confederate States of America to follow in the footsteps of the Free American Republic, but the counterculture movement is finally gaining momentum.

Curse of the McKenzies
by Cheryl Ann Costa & Amber Engle
It's August 1939, Uncle Erastus McKenzie just passed away at age 102. He was filthy rich and you were mentioned. You must attend family gathering for the Will reading with the family. Most of whom you haven't seen in 15 or 20 years. What could possibly go wrong?

Divus Ex: Convocation
by Trey Reilly
Wise and terrible Odin has called for a Convocation of the Gods - a thing that has not happened since the dark continent of Africa was newly discovered, hundreds of years ago.

Deities from 5 different pantheons have answered Odin's call, and meet to determine what their relationship will be with the newly-discovered Amerindian pantheon.

Dream a Little Dream...
by Greg Agostini, Matt Start
Wanted! Participants to take part in a unique sleep study and the investigation of a new drug to treat sleep disorders. All subjects will be compensated generously for their time. Please contact Bio-Chem Amalgamated, Pharmaceuticals Division at 1-555-363-8463 or write them at

Dustpan: the LARP
by Lynn Anslow, Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko, Barry Tannenbaum, with material by David Clarkson
All life is a journey, and for these denizens of the Great Wooden Expanse, it is a trip from the Light, from the Dark, and from all the places in between. Where will it end? Come learn about the world of the very small, the world of the Great Wooden Expanse, and all those swept up in this tale of passion, theology and inevitability, an epic of Light and Dark, of Biblical proportion, under the Couch.

by Alex Bradley, David Kapell, Chad Bergeron, Conor Walsh
The journey doesn't matter. It's what you do in the end that counts...

This weekend conference was supposed to be the last chance for peace, prosperity, and hope, but it's all gone to hell in a handbasket, and you've only got four hours left to patch things up.

by Christopher M. Buck
Come polish your putdown skills: insult your friends, acquaintances, and enemies with impunity... in persona, of course.

Fete d'anniversaire D'Ogun
by Scott and Shelly Mohnkern
It is Ogun' s birthday, but Ogun has been unhappy. The Loa have decided to throw him a special birthday bash in that all-time party town, New Orleans!

If that does not cheer him up, the world may be in trouble.

Girl's Night Out
by Cathy Raymond
Girl's Night Out: A LARP for nine women, three pizzas, two gallons of chocolate ice cream, sixteen kinds of facial moisturizer, forty bottles of nail polish, and at least nine shocking revelations.

Hell to Pay
by Kreg Segall
A group of acquaintances and friends get together for dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant.

This is a game about deep roleplaying and fragile, realistic emotions, not a game about world changing plots and high intrigue.

And figuring out how to split a restaurant check.

A dark comedy that you will think about every time you dine out with friends.

Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers present The Matter of Britain
by Alex Newman & Beth Kelly
Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers play again. Come join us for an evening of the Victorian view of the Arthurian legends. It's been a few years since we last saw the adventurers, and this time things have to go more smoothly, right?

Intrigue Beneath the Waves
by Dean Edgell and Dana Edgell

The Year is 1887. The World is not quite our own. Queen Victoria rules Britannia and all her colonial possessions. The Great Powers of Europe stand on the brink of war. Unknown forces are at work in the world. Join us on a voyage of discovery to the bottom of the sea aboard a miraculous new bathysphere Prof. Coustonax. Match wits with notorious heroes, spies, rogues, diplomats, scholars, killers and worse. The occult mixes with mystery, love and danger in the chilling depths of the sea.

It Happened This Way
by Shaughn Bryant, Greg Pettigrew, Nuance Shaffer
War, war is Hell. Christmas is worse. "It Happened This Way" is a game about Christmas Cheer, Egg Nog, and the capricious nature of memory.

Krazny Oktyabr
by Joe Foley, Jake Beal
The year is 1983, and the Soviet Union's biggest and newest ballistic missile submarine, the Krazny Oktyabr, is on its first post-shakedown cruise. There are rumors of sabotage, the reactor's been acting up,the Captain's acting strange, and rumors say the ship isn't anywhere near where it's supposed to be...

Little Petshop of Horrors
by Moira Parham and Suzanne Wayner
Business has declined at Joe's Pet Emporium as rumors of sickness and animal deaths abound. Joe knows this weekend things will turn around; exciting things are happening in the mall, record crowds are expected! Unravel the mysteries or just go insane as an animal, a customer, or a petshop employee.

Mega Man: Apocalypse
by Chris Walsh, Beth Baniszewski

Distaster strikes at the 5th Annual Robot Design Competition and World Peace Conference! Aliens have destroyed Mars Base and are on the way to Earth, broadcasting a mysterious signal that drives robots berserk! Can the survivors of the chaos at the conference work together long enough to put things right?

Michael Clambino's Poker Night
by John Kammer
Join crime-lord Michael Clambino at his luxurious Baltimore penthouse for an evening of Texas Hold’em, fun, laughs, and at least one almost certain death.

by Chad Bergeron and Alex Bradley
The Intercon E Operations Crew takes care of ensuring the cogs of the con keep on turning. Whether it's handing out registration packets, setting up for the raffle, helping players find games, or any of the dozens of other things that come up, Ops needs volunteers like you to make it happen.

by written by Mike Young, published by Interactivities Inc, GMed by Anna Bradley :)
Welcome to The Tank. You have lived here for as long as you can remember. Of course, being a fish, your memory isn't that great...


Resolution 2734
by Simon Deveau
Resolution 2734 passed in 2021 established Mars as a conflict-free zone. Now in 2089, Earth stands on the brink of a global nuclear holocaust that threatens to spread to Mars. The colonists must find a way to prevent this and to defeat other local threats to the peace on Mars.

Road to Impunity
by Ken Clary, Peter Litwack, William Lowenthal

The Boss of Springfield is dead.

His final request was to be buried in his birthplace of Impunity, Illinois, now a ghost town. All persons of import from Springfield have made their way to Impunity for the Boss's wake and funeral, and now many of them have headed back.

A few remain to attend to some important business.

by Don Ross, Mike Romatelli, Andrew Petrarca
TBA is a storytelling game in the spirit of 'The Canterbury Tales', set against a sci-fi/fantasy backdrop. Eight travelers in a futuristic setting tell tall tales to pass the time on a long journey together. Emphasis will be on creative improvisation rather than scheming or puzzling.

The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals
by John Kammer
Join Captain Crunch as he leads Quisp, Count Chocula, Tony the Tiger and a host of others from the League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals in search of the missing Brigadier General Mills and ultimately to apprehend a cereal killer.

The Lunch Society
by Nomi "Ovi" Siegelman, josh "blee" rachlin

Science fiction and cinema fans alike: Come play in this tribute to John Hughes' cult classic, The Breakfast Club. We've retained the setting and underlying themes of the movie, but we've given it a sci-fi make-over. John explored the stereotypes of high school, leaving us to explore the stereotypes of the sci-fi world.

The Scrying Game
by Noah Abrahams

Join the Widow Mrs Whiffle, Madame Zelda, and a Horde both living and dead, for a seance in search of the lost will of Dr Cornelius Whiffle.

Toast to Brett
by Friends and Acquaintances
An out-of-game memorial toast to honor Brett Bakke, a player, writer, GM, and Intercon alumnus. Bring your cup and/or beverage to toast at 1:00 AM.

Two Hours In London
by Laura Boylan, Beth Baniszewski
Two noble families in Victorian England come together to celebrate the engagement of their young heirs. A game of familial relationships and conflict. (Not secretly a vampire game.)

Washington Press Conference
by Cheryl Costa & Linda Poore
Imagine that you are an elite reporter in Washington, DC working for some prominent news organization. Your boss has urgently paged you and assigned you to an exclusive invitation only news event at the U.S. Department of State. You will have the opportunity to interview an unanticipated VIP.

Young Commandoes in Love
by Don Ross, Tom Russell

You are members of an elite task force sent in to bring a final end to a bloody and costly war. The odds against you are overwhelming, but then again, they always are in these kinds of games. Sort of a thematic sequel to 'Young Wizards in Love'.